The Business Scholars Program allows outstanding business students to build a rich portfolio of academic, co-curricular, and professional achievements. Students will build strong business competencies as well as enhanced communication and quantitative skills. International study is encouraged through the use of two-week study abroad opportunities.



To be admitted to the Business Scholars Program, the following requirements must be met:

Freshman Admission

Student must be a newly admitted Lubar undergraduate student.

  1. Student must have a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  2. Student must have an ACT composite score of 25 or better; Math sub-score of 23 or better.

Sophomore Admission

  1. A student must complete 24 credits with an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale), including completion of MATH 208 or MATH 211 (or equivalent) with a grade of B or better, completion of ENGLISH 101 and ENGLISH 102 with a grade of B or better (or attainment of placement score of 525 or higher), and completion of ECON 103 or ECON 104 with a grade of B or better; and
  2. A student must submit an application that includes a one-page essay. The application is available online at

Course Requirements

Complete the following required courses:
BUS ADM 211Business Scholars: Statistical Modeling in Business Analytics4
BUS ADM 231Business Scholars: Introduction to Information Technology Management4
Choose three of the following courses:9-10
Business Scholars: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Business Scholars: Organizations
Business Scholars: Principles of Finance
Business Scholars: Principles of Marketing
Business Scholars: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Complete one Business Scholars Seminar:3
Business Scholars: Seminar in Business: (Analytics and Innovation)
Complete one of the following:3
Study Abroad: Business Topics: 1
Research in Industry (Experiential Learning) 2
Reading and Research-Business Administration (Business Scholars Thesis) 2
Total Credits23-24

Study abroad participants must complete additional coursework determined by the Scholars faculty director to receive Scholars credit for a study abroad course.

Theses and experiential learning projects must be approved by the Scholars faculty director.

Continuation and Graduation Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative UWM GPA of 3.25 or higher, complete a minimum of 23 credits of Business Scholars coursework, participate in Business Scholars activities, and meet with the Business Scholars academic advisor each semester and before graduation to verify degree requirements are met.