The Department of Global Studies offers a number of different programs each of which explores different aspects of globalization and connections. Majors and minors offered by the department include: Global Studies, French, Italian, and Comparative Literature.

Within the Global Studies major, students choose one of five tracks to specialize in and many of these yield a bachelor's degree that is conferred by both the College of Letters & Science and one of UWM's professional schools. For example, the Global Management track is a partnership with the Lubar College of Business. In addition to Global Management, the other track choices are Global Sustainability, Global Security, Global Communications, and Global Health. These interdisciplinary programs emphasize the acquisition of leadership, management, and communication skills with an in-depth understanding of global issues.

The French and Italian programs feature both language and cultural competency with requirements that facilitate students' exploration of the art, literature, food, politics, and social structures of the places these languages are spoken.

Comparative literature is the study of literature across national and linguistic borders. The Comparative Literature major or minor do not require fluency in a language other than English, though many students do choose to study another language in order to experience non-English literature in its original form.

Global Studies Courses