The Department of Geosciences is an educational community of students, researchers, and teachers focused on scientific examination of the Earth. We ask important questions, create new knowledge, and communicate information about Earth’s properties and processes through deep-time. Through our research, study, and teaching, we aim to help create a scientifically informed society and enable our students to achieve their professional goals. We welcome all who share our intellectual curiosity about the Earth; our diverse community includes people from a variety of intellectual, religious, class, cultural, and political perspectives.

Geosciences Courses

NameRankDegreeSchoolGraduate FacultyEmeritus Faculty
Julie Bowles Associate Professor PhD University of California, San Diego Yes No
Bruce E. Brown Associate Professor PhD University of Wisconsin No Yes
Barry I. Cameron Associate Professor PhD Northern Illinois University Yes No
Douglas S. Cherkauer Professor PhD Princeton University No Yes
Dyanna Czeck Associate Professor PhD University of Minnesota Yes No
David Edgington Professor PhD University of Oxford No Yes
Timothy J. Grundl Professor PhD Colorado School of Mines No Yes
Mark T. Harris Professor PhD Johns Hopkins University Yes No
John Isbell Distinguished Professor PhD Ohio State University Yes No
William F. Kean Professor PhD University of Pittsburgh No Yes
Norman P. Lasca Professor PhD University of Michigan-Ann Arbor No Yes
Victoria McCoy Visiting Assistant Professor PhD Yale University No No
Lindsay McHenry Professor PhD Rutgers University Yes No
Gregory Mursky Professor PhD Stanford University No Yes
Charles Paradis Assistant Professor PhD University of Tennesee-Knoxville Yes No
Peter M. Sheehan Adjunct Professor PhD University of California, Berkeley No Yes
Robert W. Taylor Associate Professor PhD Pennsylvania State University No Yes
Keith Sverdrup Professor PhD University of California-San Diego No Yes
Shangping Xu Associate Professor PhD Princeton University Yes No