The interdisciplinary major in religious studies draws on the resources of UWM faculty members with a teaching and research interest in religion. This program provides students with a broad humanistic background in religion and an opportunity to develop special concentrations in specific areas of interest. There is no sectarian program of instruction. Rather, faculty members bring to their teaching the special academic characteristics of their own scholarly disciplines, and majors in the program draw upon a wide sample of those academic traditions. Thus, such subjects as the history and philosophy of religion and religion in art and literature are included in this program. Students choose from courses that consider religion in a wide array of cultural and historical contexts around the globe, including Buddhist, Christian, Classical Greek and Roman, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, African, and American Indian religions.

Religious studies serves students seeking a broadly humanistic program, those who are pursuing a wide range of pre-professional education programs, those anticipating teaching careers at the secondary or higher educational level, and those who will undertake further study for the religious ministry.

Religious Studies Courses