Coding Key 


   Also applies towards Arts (A) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards Cultural Diversity (CD) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards Humanities (HU) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards the Natural Sciences (NS) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards the Natural Sciences Lab (NS+) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards the Oral and Written Communication Part B (OWCB) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards the Quantitative Literacy Part B (QLB) General Education Requirement.


   Also applies towards Social Sciences (SS) General Education Requirement.

Actuarial Science 

Natural Sciences
ACTSCI 290Introduction to Actuarial Science3
ACTSCI 391Investment Mathematics I4
ACTSCI 490Introduction to Actuarial Practice1
ACTSCI 491Actuarial Workshop FM1
ACTSCI 492Actuarial Workshop P1
ACTSCI 594Actuarial Models II3
ACTSCI 596Actuarial Statistics I3
ACTSCI 597Actuarial Statistics II3

African and African Diaspora Studies

AFRIC 100Black Reality: Survey of African-American Society HU3
AFRIC 102Survey of African-American Literature HU3
AFRIC 111Introduction to African-American History to 1865 HU3
AFRIC 112Introduction to African-American History, 1865 to the Present HU3
AFRIC 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
AFRIC 205The Poetry of African, African-American, and Caribbean Writers HU3
AFRIC 210The African-American Novel HU3
AFRIC 235African Americans and South Africa HU3
AFRIC 261Survey of African-American Political Philosophy HU3
AFRIC 311African Religious Thought and Social Organizations3
AFRIC 312The Church in African-American Life3
AFRIC 314The School in African-American Life HU3
AFRIC 370Forms of Black Expression3
AFRIC 372African-American Literary Movements: The Harlem Renaissance3
Social Science
AFRIC 125Economics of the Black Community SS3
AFRIC 163African-American Concept of Self3
AFRIC 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
AFRIC 215Introduction to Black Social and Cultural Traditions SS3
AFRIC 228Introduction to Black Political Economy SS3
AFRIC 232Survey of African Societies and Cultures SS3
AFRIC 250Black Women and White Women in the Contemporary United States SS3
AFRIC 265Psychological Effects of Racism SS3
AFRIC 300Urban Violence3
AFRIC 319African American Urban History3
AFRIC 320Black Cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean3
AFRIC 321Black Workers in the 21st Century3
AFRIC 322Order and Disorder: The Quest for Social Justice3
AFRIC 323Capitalism, Socialism, Nationalism and Fascism3
AFRIC 325Africa/China Relations3
AFRIC 326Economic Problems of Black Business3
AFRIC 329Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa3
AFRIC 334Survey of Black American and Black Brazilian Societies3
AFRIC 341Black Politics and City Government3
AFRIC 344Global Black Social Movements3
AFRIC 350The Black Family3
AFRIC 351Sexuality, Gender, and Health in Africa and the Diaspora3
AFRIC 352Extended Families in Black Societies3
AFRIC 362Philosophy and Thought in Africa and the Diaspora II3
AFRIC 369Black Images and Mass Media3
AFRIC 381Honors Seminar: SS3
AFRIC 411Change in African-American Communities3
AFRIC 412Blacks and the United States Constitution3
AFRIC 414The Black Woman in America, Africa, and the Caribbean3
AFRIC 416Race and Social Justice in the United States3
AFRIC 417Race, Class and Gender in Southern Africa3
AFRIC 418Race, Class, and Gender in Latin America and the Caribbean3
AFRIC 420The Political Economy of Slavery3
AFRIC 450Cultural Transmissions: Black Africa and Black America3
AFRIC 451Rites of Passage in Black Societies3
AFRIC 545Raising Children, 'Race-ing' Children3

American Indian Studies

AIS 106Anishinaabe Ethnobotany: Plants in Anishinaabe Philosophy3
AIS 192First-Year Seminar: CD, HU3
Social Science
AIS 101Introduction to American Indian Studies SS3
AIS 105Anishinaabe Ethnobotany: Plants in Anishinaabe Culture3
AIS 193First-Year Seminar: CD, SS3
AIS 203Western Great Lakes American Indian Community Life of the Past SS3
AIS 225The Aztec Empire3
AIS 308Archaeology of North America3
AIS 310Archaeology of Middle America3
AIS 311The World of the Ancient Maya3
AIS 314American Indian Societies and Cultures3
AIS 321Contemporary Issues of the American Indian SS3
AIS 362System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction3
AIS 475American Indian History, Law, and Government3

Ancient and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures 

AMLLC 192First Year Seminar: HU3
AMLLC 216Survey of Civilization: HU3
AMLLC 240Vampires: From Slavic Village to Hollywood HU3


Natural Science
ANTHRO 301Human Evolution and Variation NS3
ANTHRO 401Primate Populations3
ANTHRO 402Primate Evolution NS3
ANTHRO 403The Human Skeleton NS3
ANTHRO 404Human Biological Variation3
ANTHRO 405Forensic Anthropology3
ANTHRO 406Evolutionary Biology & Human Diseases3
ANTHRO 407Neuroanthropology3
ANTHRO 408Hormones and Behavior3
Natural Science Lab
ANTHRO 530Paleoethnobotany: Introduction & Lab Methods3
Social Science
ANTHRO 101Introduction to Anthropology: Human Origins SS3
ANTHRO 102Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Society SS3
ANTHRO 103Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology SS3
ANTHRO 104Lifeways in Different Cultures: A Survey of World Societies SS3
ANTHRO 105Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology SS3
ANTHRO 140Games and Society3
ANTHRO 150Multicultural America SS3
ANTHRO 156Food and Culture SS3
ANTHRO 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
ANTHRO 203Indigenous Religions SS3
ANTHRO 213American Indian Peoples of Wisconsin SS3
ANTHRO 214Ancient Civilizations of Latin America3
ANTHRO 225The Aztec Empire3
ANTHRO 250Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective SS3
ANTHRO 304Violence and Warfare in Prehistory3
ANTHRO 306European Archaeology3
ANTHRO 307World Archaeology: Foundations of Civilization3
ANTHRO 308Archaeology of North America3
ANTHRO 309Archaeology of Central and South America3
ANTHRO 310Archaeology of Middle America3
ANTHRO 311The World of the Ancient Maya3
ANTHRO 312The Past on Tap: The Archaeology of Fermented Beverages3
ANTHRO 313Archaeology of the American Southwest3
ANTHRO 314American Indian Societies and Cultures3
ANTHRO 320Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
ANTHRO 322Europe in Anthropological Perspective3
ANTHRO 326Peoples and Cultures of South Asia3
ANTHRO 340Cultures of Online Games and Virtual Worlds3
ANTHRO 349Seminar in Ethnography and Cultural Processes3
ANTHRO 351Anthropological Theories of Religion3
ANTHRO 354Anthropology, Aesthetics, and Art3
ANTHRO 355Globalization, Culture, and Environment SS3
ANTHRO 361Applications in Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTHRO 362System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction3
ANTHRO 381Honors Seminar: SS3
ANTHRO 409Evolution, Religion, and Human Biology3
ANTHRO 420Power and Ideology in Archaeology3
ANTHRO 424Ethnoarchaeology and Experimental Archaeology3
ANTHRO 425Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways: Past and Present3
ANTHRO 426Who Owns the Past?3
ANTHRO 431Cities and Culture3
ANTHRO 432Law and Society3
ANTHRO 433Contemporary Issues in Global Justice3
ANTHRO 439Culture and Global Health3
ANTHRO 440Medical Anthropology3
ANTHRO 442Humanitarianism in Global Perspective3
ANTHRO 443Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age3
ANTHRO 445Psychological Anthropology3
ANTHRO 446The Child in Different Cultures SS3
ANTHRO 447The Global Politics of Human Rights3
ANTHRO 448Cultural and Human Ecology3
ANTHRO 449The Human Economy3
ANTHRO 450Political Anthropology3
ANTHRO 460Anthropological Theory3
ANTHRO 465Historic Preservation in Archaeology3
ANTHRO 466Historical Archaeology3
ANTHRO 501Archaeology of Death3
ANTHRO 502Lithic Analysis: Stone Tools and Human Behavior3
ANTHRO 525Zooarchaeology: Analysis of Faunal Remains3
ANTHRO 540Applications of Anthropology3
ANTHRO 543Cross-Cultural Study of Religion3
ANTHRO 544Religious Giving in Anthropological Perspective3
ANTHRO 560Introduction to Research Methods in Anthropology3
ANTHRO 561Techniques and Problems in Ethnography3
ANTHRO 562Techniques and Problems in Archaeology3
ANTHRO 565Seminar in Regional Archaeology:3
ANTHRO 566Archaeological Analysis and Report Preparation:3-6
ANTHRO 567Archaeological Field School3-6
ANTHRO 568Introduction to Anthropological Statistics3
ANTHRO 570Issues in Bilingualism3
ANTHRO 641Seminar in Anthropology:3


ARABIC 111Cultures and Civilizations of the Muslim Middle East HU3
ARABIC 164Arabs and Islam in America HU3
ARABIC 390Islam: Religion and Culture OWCB3

Art History

ARTHIST 101Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture HU3
ARTHIST 102Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture HU3
ARTHIST 103History of Architecture HU3
ARTHIST 104African, New World and Oceanic Art and Architecture HU3
ARTHIST 105Asian Art and Architecture HU3
ARTHIST 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet HU3
ARTHIST 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
ARTHIST 205History of Film I: Development of an Art HU3
ARTHIST 206History of Film II: Development of an Art HU3
ARTHIST 210The Art and Architecture of the First Cities: A Global Perspective3
ARTHIST 237Northern Renaissance Art3
ARTHIST 240Introduction to Prints and Printmaking: History and Techniques HU3
ARTHIST 241Introduction to Baroque Art HU3
ARTHIST 250Introduction to American Art HU3
ARTHIST 251Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Latin America3
ARTHIST 255Survey of Italian Renaissance Painting and Sculpture3
ARTHIST 260Spanish Visual Art and Culture: 1450-18303
ARTHIST 261Modern Art HU3
ARTHIST 307Film Directors:3
ARTHIST 308Film Styles:3
ARTHIST 312Minoan and Mycenaean Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 313Greek Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 314Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East3
ARTHIST 315Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
ARTHIST 316Roman Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 324Early Christian and Byzantine Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 325Early Medieval Art in the West3
ARTHIST 327Caliphs, Emirs, & Kings: Art & Architecture of Medieval Spain3
ARTHIST 328Frankish Art of the Crusader Period in the Levant3
ARTHIST 329Late Medieval Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 333High Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTHIST 341Art of the Dutch Golden Age3
ARTHIST 342Art and Society in Renaissance Florence3
ARTHIST 343Art and Culture of Spain and Latin America, 1500-17503
ARTHIST 353American Art: Colonial Period - 18703
ARTHIST 354American Art: 1870 - Present3
ARTHIST 355American Folk Art3
ARTHIST 356American Architecture3
ARTHIST 357Rococo to Revolution: European Art, 1750-18503
ARTHIST 358Realism to Post-Impressionism: European Art, 1850-19003
ARTHIST 364Modernism and the Avant-Garde, 1900-19603
ARTHIST 365History of Photography3
ARTHIST 366German Painting, 1800-19333
ARTHIST 367Latin American Modernisms3
ARTHIST 368History of Modern Design3
ARTHIST 369Introduction to Contemporary Art3
ARTHIST 370Trends in Contemporary Architecture3
ARTHIST 371African Art3
ARTHIST 372Art of the Inca and their Ancestors3
ARTHIST 373Art of Ancient Mexico and Central America3
ARTHIST 375Art of the Aztec Empire3
ARTHIST 381Honors Seminar: HU3
ARTHIST 382Chinese Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 383Japanese Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 384Art and Archaeology of the Chinese Bronze Age3
ARTHIST 386Art, Ritual, and Ethnicity of China3
ARTHIST 412Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece3
ARTHIST 413Greek Sculpture3
ARTHIST 425The Age of Pilgrimage and Crusade: Romanesque Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 426The Age of the Great Cathedrals: Gothic Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 431Renaissance Architecture in Italy3
ARTHIST 447Topics in Early Modern Art:3
ARTHIST 458A Comparative History of Architecture and Urbanism:3
ARTHIST 462Frank Lloyd Wright3
ARTHIST 463Cubism and its Inheritance3
ARTHIST 465Dada and Surrealist Art3
ARTHIST 469American Artists Revealed:3
ARTHIST 470Topics in American Art:3
ARTHIST 471Topics in Contemporary Art:3
ARTHIST 472History and Theory of New Media Art3
ARTHIST 473Art and Performance3
ARTHIST 474Maya Art3
ARTHIST 480Chinese Painting3
ARTHIST 481Topics in Chinese Art:1-3
ARTHIST 482Topics in Non-Western Art:3
ARTHIST 501Colloquium in Method and Theory3
ARTHIST 603The Art Museum: History, Theory, Practice3


Natural Science
ASTRON 103Survey of Astronomy NS3
ASTRON 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
ASTRON 400Astrophysics I3
ASTRON 401Astrophysics II3
Natural Science Labs
ASTRON 104Astronomy Laboratory NS+1
ASTRON 185Astronomy for Pre-Education Majors NS+3

Atmospheric Science

If you took an Atmospheric Science course before Fall 2022, it counts as an L&S course. However, starting Fall 2022, Atmospheric Science courses only count as L&S courses for students who (1) declared the major in Atmospheric Science before Fall 2022, or (2) took ATM SCI 240 before Fall 2022 and later declared the major in Atmospheric Science. To determine which of your Atmospheric Science courses is eligible, check with your college advisor.

Biological Science

Natural Science
BIO SCI 103Topics in Modern Biology: NS3
BIO SCI 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
BIO SCI 206Biology of Women NS3
BIO SCI 315Cell Biology3
BIO SCI 325Genetics4
BIO SCI 335Mammalian Reproductive Biology3
BIO SCI 356Developmental Biology3
BIO SCI 370Mammalian Physiology3
BIO SCI 380Honors Seminar: NS3
BIO SCI 401Immunology3
BIO SCI 405General Virology3
BIO SCI 406Marine Biology3
BIO SCI 451Field Methods in Conservation3
BIO SCI 455Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology3
BIO SCI 458Community Ecology3
BIO SCI 465Biostatistics3
BIO SCI 480Ecological Genetics3
BIO SCI 498Genetics of Development and Cancer3
BIO SCI 500Plant Physiology3
BIO SCI 505Conservation Biology3
BIO SCI 512Limnology I3
BIO SCI 523Evolution and Ecology of Birds3
BIO SCI 529Molecular Biology of Microorganisms3
BIO SCI 532Behavioral Ecology3
BIO SCI 535Bacterial Pathogenesis3
BIO SCI 540Microbial Diversity and Physiology3
BIO SCI 542Biological Electron Microscopy3
BIO SCI 564Endocrinology3
BIO SCI 565Gene Regulation in Stem Cells and Regeneration3
BIO SCI 572Functional Genomics3
BIO SCI 575Evolutionary Biology3
BIO SCI 599Special Topics in Biological Sciences:1-3
BIO SCI 611Seminar on Recent Advances in Limnology and Oceanography2
BIO SCI 670Senior Seminar in Biological Sciences1
BIO SCI 671Undergraduate Seminar in Microbiology1
Natural Science Labs
BIO SCI 100Survey of Zoology NS+3
BIO SCI 101General Survey of Microbiology NS+4
BIO SCI 102Elements of Biology NS+3
BIO SCI 104Plants in Today's World NS+3
BIO SCI 150Foundations of Biological Sciences I NS+4
BIO SCI 152Foundations of Biological Sciences II NS+4
BIO SCI 201Human Structure and Function NS+3
BIO SCI 202Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO SCI 203Anatomy and Physiology II NS+4
BIO SCI 310General Ecology4
BIO SCI 316Laboratory in Genetics and Cell Biology2
BIO SCI 358Birds of Wisconsin2
BIO SCI 383General Microbiology4
BIO SCI 469Genomic Data Analysis2
BIO SCI 501Plant and Aquatic Ecophysiology Laboratory3
BIO SCI 539Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology4
BIO SCI 543Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory2
BIO SCI 544Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory3
BIO SCI 562Topics in Field Biology:1-2
BIO SCI 580Experimental Microbiology4

Celtic Studies

CELTIC 133Celtic Crossings: Overview of the History and Cultures of the Celtic World HU3
CELTIC 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
CELTIC 285Modern Irish Language and Literature in Translation3
CELTIC 350Advanced Topics in Celtic Studies:3
Social Sciences
CELTIC 193First-Year Seminar: SS3


Natural Science
CHEM 100Chemical Science NS4
CHEM 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
CHEM 210Introduction to Fermentation Chemistry3
CHEM 311Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 321Introduction to Environmental Chemistry3
CHEM 341Introductory Survey of Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 343Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 381Honors Seminar: NS3
CHEM 399Special Chemical Problems:1-4
CHEM 501Introduction to Biochemistry3
CHEM 502Development of Modern Chemistry2
CHEM 511Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 524Instrumental Analysis3
CHEM 560Biophysical Chemistry3
CHEM 599Special Projects in Chemistry3-5
CHEM 601Biochemistry: Protein Structure and Function3
CHEM 604Biochemistry: Metabolism3
CHEM 561Physical Chemistry I3
CHEM 612Transition Metal and Organometallic Chemistry3
CHEM 614Bio-Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 630Computational Chemistry3
CHEM 640Advanced Survey of Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 661Intermediate Chemical Thermodynamics3
CHEM 692Senior Thesis2-6
Natural Science Labs
CHEM 101Chemical Science NS+5
CHEM 102General Chemistry NS+5
CHEM 103Survey of Biochemistry NS+5
CHEM 104General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis NS+5
CHEM 105General Chemistry for Engineering NS+5
CHEM 106Chemistry in the World Around Us--Chemistry for the Non-Science Major NS+3
CHEM 185Basic Chemistry for Teachers NS+3
CHEM 221Elementary Quantitative Analysis4
CHEM 342Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM 344Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM 563Physical Chemistry Laboratory1-2
CHEM 582Advanced Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 584Advanced Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM 603Introduction to Biochemistry Laboratory2


CHINESE 150Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture HU3
CHINESE 160A Taste of China: Learning Chinese Culture and Society through Cuisine HU3
CHINESE 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
CHINESE 200Chinese Calligraphy HU3
CHINESE 220Introduction to Chinese Poetry3
CHINESE 320Contemporary Chinese Societies through Film3
CHINESE 330Chinese Language and Culture3
CHINESE 343Chinese Martial Arts Fiction3
CHINESE 353Popular Culture, Entertainment, and China's Modernization OWCB3


CLASSIC 101Words Matter: How Greek and Latin Shape Our Language HU3
CLASSIC 170Classical Mythology HU3
CLASSIC 171Classical Mythology: An Audio-Visual Supplement HU1
CLASSIC 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
CLASSIC 201Introduction to Greek Life and Literature HU3
CLASSIC 202Introduction to Roman Life and Literature HU3
CLASSIC 211Alexander the Great to Augustus HU3
CLASSIC 274Ancient Egyptian Civilization HU3
CLASSIC 301The Life and Literature of Classical Athens: Herodotus and Dramatists HU3
CLASSIC 302War and Politics in Ancient Greece HU3
CLASSIC 303The Life and Literature of the Roman Empire HU3
CLASSIC 304The Graeco-Roman World: HU3
CLASSIC 312Ancient Epic Oral Traditions HU3
CLASSIC 351Ancient Greek Religion HU3
CLASSIC 390Egyptian Mythology HU3


COMMUN 103Public Speaking HU3
COMMUN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
COMMUN 264Persuasive Speaking3
COMMUN 285Communicating with Older Adults3
COMMUN 335Critical Analysis of Communication OWCB3
COMMUN 362Argumentation and Debate HU3
COMMUN 413Rhetoric and the Internet3
COMMUN 423Decision-Making and Creativity3
COMMUN 435Rhetoric in Western Thought3
COMMUN 436Recent Rhetorical Theory3
COMMUN 440Contemporary Problems in Freedom of Speech3
COMMUN 462Communication in the Legal Process3
COMMUN 464Theory and Practice of Persuasion3
COMMUN 472Rhetoric of Radicalism in the United States3
COMMUN 473African American Public Discourse3
COMMUN 474Rhetoric of Women's Rights in the US3
COMMUN 667Great American Speakers and Issues3
Social Science
COMMUN 101Introduction to Interpersonal Communication SS3
COMMUN 105Business and Professional Communication SS3
COMMUN 199Independent Study1-3
COMMUN 300Interviewers and Interviewing3
COMMUN 301Interpersonal Communication Processes3
COMMUN 310Communication in Organizations3
COMMUN 311Communication and Leadership3
COMMUN 313Human Communication and Technology3
COMMUN 320Nonverbal Communication3
COMMUN 323Communication in Groups and Teams3
COMMUN 327Instructional Communication for Human Resource Trainers3
COMMUN 350Intercultural Communication SS3
COMMUN 363Communication in Human Conflict3
COMMUN 370Quantitative Research in Communication QLB3
COMMUN 401Communication in Marital and Family Relationships3
COMMUN 450Cross-Cultural Communication3
COMMUN 481Interpersonal Issues in Health Communication3
COMMUN 550International and Global Communication3
COMMUN 655Cultural Training and Adjustment3

Comparative Literature

COMPLIT 133Contemporary Imagination in Literature and the Arts HU3
COMPLIT 135Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century: HU3
COMPLIT 207Global Literature from Antiquity to the 1600s: HU3
COMPLIT 208Global Literature from the 17th Century to the Present: HU3
COMPLIT 230Literature and Society: HU3
COMPLIT 231Literature and Religion: HU3
COMPLIT 233Literature and Film: HU3
COMPLIT 309Great Works of Modern Literature: HU3
COMPLIT 316World Cinema:3
COMPLIT 340Studies in Literary Genres and Modes:3
COMPLIT 350Topics in Comparative Literature:3
COMPLIT 360Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience:3
COMPLIT 365Literatures and Cultures of the Americas:3
COMPLIT 381Honors Seminar: HU3
COMPLIT 457Topics in French and Francophone Studies in Translation:3
COMPLIT 461Film-Fiction Interaction:3
COMPLIT 463Literary Criticism: Major Authors3
COMPLIT 464Seminar in Comparative Literary Criticism: HU3

Conservation and Environmental Science

Natural Science
CES 210Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science NS3
CES 451Field Methods in Conservation3
CES 471Practicum in Natural Resources Management4
CES 550Introduction to Science Interpretation3
CES 651Principles of Stream Management and Restoration3
Social Science
CES 461The Politics and Policy of Sustainability3

Digital Arts and Culture

DAC 113Internet Culture HU3
Social Science
DAC 140Games and Society3


Social Science
ECON 100Introductory Economics SS3
ECON 103Principles of Microeconomics SS3
ECON 104Principles of Macroeconomics SS3
ECON 110Economics of Personal Finance1
ECON 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
ECON 210Economic Statistics QLB3
ECON 231Analysis of American Industries3
ECON 248Economics of Discrimination SS3
ECON 258Selected Topics in Economics:1-3
ECON 301Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECON 302Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECON 310Research Methods for Economics3
ECON 325Money and Banking3
ECON 328Environmental Economics3
ECON 335Economics of Antitrust Laws3
ECON 351Introduction to International Economic Relations3
ECON 353Economic Development3
ECON 381Honors Seminar: SS3
ECON 404Economic Applications of Game Theory3
ECON 413Statistics for Economists3
ECON 415Economics of Employment and Labor Relations3
ECON 426Public Economics3
ECON 432Industrial Organization3
ECON 447Labor Economics3
ECON 448Economics of Human Resources3
ECON 450Health Economics3
ECON 454International Trade3
ECON 455International Finance3
ECON 458Selected Topics in Economics:3
ECON 506Mathematical Economics I3
ECON 513Introduction to Econometrics3
ECON 606Mathematical Economics II3


ENGLISH 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet HU3
ENGLISH 150Multicultural America HU3
ENGLISH 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
ENGLISH 209Language in the United States HU3
ENGLISH 210Global Englishes HU3
ENGLISH 211Aspects of the English Language:3
ENGLISH 215Introduction to English Studies HU3
ENGLISH 221English Writers to 1800 HU3
ENGLISH 222English Writers, 1800 to the Present HU3
ENGLISH 223American Writers to 1900 HU3
ENGLISH 224American Writers: 1900 to the Present HU3
ENGLISH 229Introduction to Modern Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 240Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture: HU3
ENGLISH 243Introduction to Literature by Women: HU3
ENGLISH 245The Life, Times, and Work of a Literary Artist: HU3
ENGLISH 247Literature and Human Experience: HU3
ENGLISH 248Literature and Contemporary Life: HU3
ENGLISH 251Fantasy in Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 253Science Fiction: HU3
ENGLISH 260Introduction to Poetry: HU3
ENGLISH 261Introduction to Short Stories: HU3
ENGLISH 262Introduction to Drama: HU3
ENGLISH 263Introduction to the Novel: HU3
ENGLISH 268Introduction to Cultural Studies: HU3
ENGLISH 269Literary Forms and Genres: HU3
ENGLISH 274Literature and the Other Arts:3
ENGLISH 276Introduction to American Indian Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 277Introduction to Ethnic Minority Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 278Introduction to World Literatures Written in English: HU3
ENGLISH 279Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 280Introduction to Asian-American Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 281Introduction to African-American Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 285Modern Irish Language and Literature in Translation3
ENGLISH 290Introduction to Film Studies HU3
ENGLISH 292Classic Dramas in Film:1
ENGLISH 295Women and Film HU3
ENGLISH 301Survey of English Literature, Beginnings to 15003
ENGLISH 302Survey of English Literature, 1500-16603
ENGLISH 303Survey of English Literature, 1660-17983
ENGLISH 304Survey of English Literature, 1798-19003
ENGLISH 305Survey of English Literature: 1900 to the Present3
ENGLISH 306Survey of Irish Literature3
ENGLISH 307Survey of American Literature to 18653
ENGLISH 308Survey of American Literature, 1865-19653
ENGLISH 309Survey of Contemporary American Literature3
ENGLISH 310Writing, Speaking, and Technoscience in the 21st Century OWCB, HU3
ENGLISH 312Topics in Film, Television and Digital Studies:3
ENGLISH 316World Cinema:3
ENGLISH 320Studies in Film and Television Authorship:3
ENGLISH 325The Art of Fiction:3
ENGLISH 326The Development of the Novel:3
ENGLISH 327The Development of the Short Story3
ENGLISH 328Forms of Experimental Literature:3
ENGLISH 329Film and Literature3
ENGLISH 332LGBTQ+ Literature: HU3
ENGLISH 341The Development of Drama:3
ENGLISH 342Comedy:3
ENGLISH 343Tragedy:3
ENGLISH 344Modern Drama:3
ENGLISH 360The Art of Poetry:3
ENGLISH 361The Development of Poetry:3
ENGLISH 363Medieval Epic and Romance3
ENGLISH 366Non-Fiction Prose:3
ENGLISH 370Folk Literature:3
ENGLISH 372Survey of American Indian Literature HU3
ENGLISH 373Survey of Ethnic Minority Literature HU3
ENGLISH 374Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature3
ENGLISH 375Survey of Asian American Literature3
ENGLISH 376Survey of African-American Literature to 19303
ENGLISH 377Survey of African-American Literature, 1930 to the Present CD3
ENGLISH 378Survey of Current Literary and Cultural Theory3
ENGLISH 380Media and Society:3
ENGLISH 381World Literatures Written in English:3
ENGLISH 383Cinema, Television, and Genre:3
ENGLISH 390Classical Film Criticism and Theory3
ENGLISH 391Television Criticism and Theory3
ENGLISH 394Theories of Digital Culture:3
ENGLISH 400Introduction to English Linguistics3
ENGLISH 401History of the English Language3
ENGLISH 404Language, Power, and Identity3
ENGLISH 451Chaucer3
ENGLISH 452Shakespeare3
ENGLISH 454Milton3
ENGLISH 455Writers in Drama:3
ENGLISH 456Writers in English Literature, 1500-1660:3
ENGLISH 457Writers in English Literature, 1660-1798:3
ENGLISH 458Writers in English Literature, 1798-1900:3
ENGLISH 459Writers in English Literature, 1900 to the Present:3
ENGLISH 460Writers in American Literature, 1500-1900:3
ENGLISH 461Writers in American Literature, 1900 to the Present:3
ENGLISH 463Writers in African-American Literature:3
ENGLISH 465Women Writers:3
ENGLISH 500Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature:3
ENGLISH 501Studies in Literature, 1500-1660:3
ENGLISH 504Studies in Literature, 1660-1800:3
ENGLISH 505Studies in Literature, 1800-1900:3
ENGLISH 507Studies in Literature, 1900 to the Present:3
ENGLISH 514Literature in Context:3
ENGLISH 515Literature and the Other Arts:3
ENGLISH 517Studies in African-American Literature: CD3
ENGLISH 518Studies in Irish Literature:3
ENGLISH 520Studies in American Indian Literature: CD3
ENGLISH 521Studies in Ethnic Minority Literature:3
ENGLISH 522Studies in World Literature Written in English:3
ENGLISH 523Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature:3
ENGLISH 524Studies in Asian-American Literature:3
ENGLISH 530Studies in Shakespeare:3
ENGLISH 545Studies in the History of Literary Criticism:3
ENGLISH 547Studies in Theory and Criticism:3
ENGLISH 620Seminar in the Art of Literature:3
ENGLISH 621Seminar in the Literature of England:3
ENGLISH 622Seminar in Irish Literature:3
ENGLISH 623Seminar in American Literature:3
ENGLISH 624Seminar in Modern Literature:3
ENGLISH 625Seminar in Literary History:3
ENGLISH 626Seminar in Critical Theory:3
ENGLISH 627Seminar in Literature and Culture:3
ENGLISH 628Seminar in Literature by Women:3
ENGLISH 629Seminar in Literature and Sexuality:3
ENGLISH 630Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts:3
ENGLISH 631Seminar in African-American Literature:3
ENGLISH 632Seminar in American Indian Literature:3
ENGLISH 633Seminar in Rhetoric and Professional Writing:3
ENGLISH 685Honors Seminar: HU3

Ethnic Studies

ETHNIC 101The Multi-Racial Origins of American Cultures HU3
ETHNIC 102Transnational Migrations: People on the Move HU3
ETHNIC 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
ETHNIC 245Indians, Artists, and Conquistadores: The U.S. Southwest3
ETHNIC 255Migration and Gender: Starbucks, Sex Trafficking, and Nannies HU3
ETHNIC 275Queer Migrations HU3
ETHNIC 325Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Milwaukee: CD, HU3
ETHNIC 355Muslims and American Popular Culture3
ETHNIC 497Study Abroad:1-12
Social Science
ETHNIC 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
ETHNIC 200Racial Minorities in the United States SS3
ETHNIC 265Hmong Americans: History, Culture, and Contemporary Life SS3
ETHNIC 285Cultures of Contemporary Russia3
ETHNIC 375Global Violence, Disease, and Death3

Film Studies

FILMSTD 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet HU3
FILMSTD 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
FILMSTD 205History of Film I: Development of an Art HU3
FILMSTD 206History of Film II: Development of an Art HU3
FILMSTD 212Intermediate Topics in Film and Television Studies: HU3
FILMSTD 290Introduction to Film Studies HU3
FILMSTD 292Classic Dramas in Film:1
FILMSTD 295Women and Film HU3
FILMSTD 305Film Analysis I: Method and Theory3
FILMSTD 306Film Analysis II: Method and Theory3
FILMSTD 307Film Directors:3
FILMSTD 308Film Styles:3
FILMSTD 312Topics in Film, Television and Digital Studies:3
FILMSTD 316World Cinema:3
FILMSTD 320Studies in Film and Television Authorship:3
FILMSTD 329Film and Literature3
FILMSTD 330Film and Drama:3
FILMSTD 380Media and Society:3
FILMSTD 383Cinema, Television, and Genre:3
FILMSTD 390Classical Film Criticism and Theory3
FILMSTD 391Television Criticism and Theory3
FILMSTD 392Contemporary Film Criticism and Theory:3
FILMSTD 394Theories of Digital Culture:3
FILMSTD 395Feminist Media Criticism and Theory:3
FILMSTD 669Screening Sexuality:3
FILMSTD 690Seminar in Contemporary Cinema and Media:3


FRENCH 145Views of France: HU3
FRENCH 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
FRENCH 303Conversation and Composition: Intermediate Level HU3
FRENCH 324Contemporary French Language and Culture HU3
FRENCH 332Reading French Texts HU3
FRENCH 349Studies in French Culture:2-4
FRENCH 357Literature of the French-Speaking World in Translation:3
FRENCH 383Honors Seminar: HU3
FRENCH 426Growing Up French HU3
FRENCH 428Castles, Cathedrals, and Common People: The Foundations of French Culture3
FRENCH 429Royalty, Reason, and Revolution: The Golden Age of French Culture3
FRENCH 430Reaction and Innovation: French Culture of the 19th and 20th Centuries3
FRENCH 431Seminar in Literature of the Francophone World:3
FRENCH 432Seminar in French and Francophone Cultures:1-3
FRENCH 433Seminar in French Literature:3
FRENCH 450Institutions and Culture of Contemporary France3
FRENCH 451Cinema of the French-Speaking World:3
FRENCH 457Topics in French and Francophone Studies in Translation:3
FRENCH 510Seminar on Masterpieces of Literature Written in French:3
FRENCH 520Seminar in Contemporary French Literature:3


Natural Science
GEOG 125Introduction to Environmental Geography NS3
GEOG 306Natural Hazards NS3
GEOG 310General Climatology3
GEOG 340Biogeography3
GEOG 403Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis4
GEOG 415Hydrogeography3
GEOG 450Climates of the Past and Climate Change3
GEOG 464Environmental Problems3
GEOG 515Watershed Analysis and Modeling3
GEOG 520Physical Geography of the City3
GEOG 547Spatial Analysis4
Natural Science Labs
GEOG 120Our Physical Environment NS+3
Social Science
GEOG 105Introduction to Human Geography SS3
GEOG 110The World: Peoples and Regions SS3
GEOG 114Geography of Race in the United States SS3
GEOG 115Globalization and Economic Development SS3
GEOG 140Our Urban Environment: Introduction to Urban Geography SS3
GEOG 213Geography of Asia SS3
GEOG 304Human Impact on the Environment SS3
GEOG 309Nationalities and Nations of the World3
GEOG 330Europe: East and West3
GEOG 350Conservation of Natural Resources SS3
GEOG 381Honors Seminar: SS3
GEOG 405Cartography4
GEOG 441Geography of Cities and Metropolitan Areas3
GEOG 443Cities of the World: Comparative Urban Geography3
GEOG 540Globalization and the City3
GEOG 564Urban Environmental Change and Social Justice3


Natural Science
GEO SCI 105Earth, Air, Fire and Water NS3
GEO SCI 106The Earth Environment NS3
GEO SCI 109Dinosaurs NS3
GEO SCI 150Introduction to Ocean Sciences NS3
GEO SCI 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
GEO SCI 381Honors Seminar: NS3
GEO SCI 420Methods in Paleomagnetism and Environmental Magnetism3
GEO SCI 421Conservation Paleontology3
GEO SCI 422Plant-Insect Interactions in Deep Time3
GEO SCI 545X-Ray Analytical Methods3
GEO SCI 562Environmental Surface Hydrology3
GEO SCI 614Advanced Structural Geology3
GEO SCI 635Volcanology3
GEO SCI 637Planetary Geology3
GEO SCI 694Undergraduate Seminar:1-3
GEO SCI 696Topics in the Geological Sciences:1-3
GEO SCI 697Seminar in the Geological Sciences:1-3
Natural Science Labs
GEO SCI 100Introduction to the Earth NS+3
GEO SCI 102Principles of Historical Geology NS+3
GEO SCI 108A History of Life NS+3
GEO SCI 120Geology of the Planets NS+3
GEO SCI 151Ocean Sciences Laboratory NS+1
GEO SCI 301Principles of Mineralogy4
GEO SCI 302Elementary Petrology4
GEO SCI 316Introduction to Geophysics4
GEO SCI 400Water Quality4
GEO SCI 409Process Geomorphology4
GEO SCI 414Structural Geology4
GEO SCI 443Glacial and Pleistocene Geology4
GEO SCI 455Field Geology3-8
GEO SCI 463Physical Hydrogeology4
GEO SCI 464Chemical Hydrogeology4
GEO SCI 511Stratigraphy and Sedimentation4
GEO SCI 515Physical Sedimentology4
GEO SCI 520Introduction to Paleontology4
GEO SCI 558Conducted Field Trip:1-3
GEO SCI 563Field Methods in Hydrogeology4
GEO SCI 638Advanced Igneous Petrology3


GERMAN 111German Life and Civilization: Part I HU3
GERMAN 112German Life and Civilization: Part II: HU3
GERMAN 145Views of Germany: HU3
GERMAN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
GERMAN 332Presentation and Composition HU3
GERMAN 333Texts and Contexts HU3
GERMAN 334Introduction to German Studies HU3
GERMAN 341Undergrad Seminar in German-Amer Studies: Germans in Wisconsin & Milwaukee3
GERMAN 415Topics in German Studies:3
GERMAN 454German Literature: Realism, Naturalism, and the Turn of the Century3
GERMAN 456German Literature from the Turn of the Century to World War II3
GERMAN 460German Literature from 1945 to the Present3
GERMAN 483Seminar on German Studies: HU3
GERMAN 484Seminar on Themes and Motifs in German Literature:3

Global Studies

GLOBAL 102Introduction to Global Languages and Cultures3
GLOBAL 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
Natural Science
GLOBAL 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
Social Science
GLOBAL 101Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics SS3
GLOBAL 201Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment SS3
GLOBAL 202Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology SS3
GLOBAL 203Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies SS3
GLOBAL 351Language, Media, and Social Practice in Global Communications3
GLOBAL 361Environment and Sustainability3
GLOBAL 362System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction3
GLOBAL 371Rethinking Global Security3
GLOBAL 381Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences:3
GLOBAL 383Environmental Political Theory3
GLOBAL 421Cities in the Global Economy3
GLOBAL 439Culture and Global Health3
GLOBAL 442Humanitarianism in Global Perspective3
GLOBAL 443Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age3
GLOBAL 447The Global Politics of Human Rghts3
GLOBAL 451Access, Security, and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communications3
GLOBAL 461The Politics and Policy of Sustainability3
GLOBAL 471Strategies for Realizing Security in Global Contexts3
GLOBAL 550Global Studies Integrated Capstone: OWCB3


GREEK 306Readings in Ancient Greek Literature:3
GREEK 501Readings in Classical Greek Prose:3
GREEK 502Readings in Ancient Greek Poetry:3


HIST 101Western Civilization: Ancient World to 1500 HU3
HIST 102Western Civilization: 1500 to the Present HU3
HIST 131World History to 1500 HU3
HIST 132World History Since 1500 HU3
HIST 150Multicultural America HU3
HIST 175East Asian Civilization to 1600 HU3
HIST 176East Asian Civilization Since 1600 HU3
HIST 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
HIST 201The Ancient World: The Near East and Greece HU3
HIST 202The Ancient World: The Roman Republic and Empire HU3
HIST 203The History of Medieval Europe: The Early Middle Ages HU3
HIST 204The History of Medieval Europe: The High Middle Ages HU3
HIST 229History of Race, Science, and Medicine in the United States HU3
HIST 235English History to 1688 HU3
HIST 236Britain Since 1688: Rise and Decline of a Great Power HU3
HIST 239Poland and its Neighbors, 1795-19143
HIST 241Women and Gender in Europe: 1350 to 1750 HU3
HIST 242Women and Gender in Europe: 1750 to the Present HU3
HIST 243History of Women in American Society HU3
HIST 248The First World War HU3
HIST 249The Second World War in Europe HU3
HIST 266Race, Racial Thought, and Prejudice in the United States, 1607 - Present CD, HU3
HIST 267The History of Latinos in the United States HU3
HIST 268History of the American West HU3
HIST 269Asian Americans in Historical Perspective HU3
HIST 270Topics in American History: HU3
HIST 271The 1960s in the United States: A Cultural History HU3
HIST 274Ancient Egyptian Civilization HU3
HIST 280Islamic Civilization: The Formative Period, ca. 500-1258 HU3
HIST 282The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries HU3
HIST 284Buddhism Across Asia HU3
HIST 286The Korean War3
HIST 290Topics in Global History:3
HIST 295Historical Encounters:3
HIST 303A History of Greek Civilization: The Greek City-State3
HIST 304A History of Greek Civilization: The Age of Alexander the Great3
HIST 307A History of Rome: The Republic3
HIST 308A History of Rome: The Empire3
HIST 318Medieval Civilization: The High Middle Ages3
HIST 319The Era of the Crusades3
HIST 320History of Medieval Warfare3
HIST 329The Roman Catholic Church, 1500 to the Present3
HIST 330The Papacy in History3
HIST 346Poland and Its Neighbors, 1914-19453
HIST 348Poland and Its Neighbors, 1945 to the Present3
HIST 355Modern and Contemporary France3
HIST 358The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture3
HIST 364The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism & the Fate of Jewish People in Europe, 1933-453
HIST 370Topics in the History of Religious Thought:3
HIST 373Topics in Gender and History:3
HIST 375Contemporary European History, 1945 to the Present3
HIST 376Premodern China3
HIST 379Introduction to Jewish History HU3
HIST 380Buddhism: A Cultural History3
HIST 386Africans in World History: Communities, Cultures, and Ideas3
HIST 387Colonization in Africa: A History of Resistance and Adaptation3
HIST 394History of Japan to 16003
HIST 395History of Japan Since 16003
HIST 398Honors Seminar:3
HIST 409Causes of the Civil War, 1828-18613
HIST 434The United States as a World Power in the 20th Century3
HIST 436Immigrant America Since 1880 HU3
HIST 442Beer and Brewing in America3
HIST 448Baseball in American History3
HIST 449Popular Culture in America, 1800 to the Present3
HIST 450The History of Milwaukee3
HIST 452History of Religion in American Life to 18703
HIST 453History of Religion in American Life Since 18703
HIST 463History of the American City3
HIST 473History of Wisconsin Indians HU3
Social Science
HIST 141Global History of the Family, Gender, and Sexuality SS3
HIST 151American History: 1607 to 1877 SS3
HIST 152American History: 1877 to the Present SS3
HIST 180Latin American Society and Culture SS3
HIST 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
HIST 200Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues: SS3
HIST 206Europe and the Modern World: 1815 to the Present SS3
HIST 210The Twentieth Century: A Global History SS3
HIST 262North American Indian History to 1887 SS3
HIST 263North American Indian History Since 1887 SS3
HIST 287The Vietnam War SS3
HIST 341Imperial Russia3
HIST 343Russia Since 19173
HIST 363Germany: Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship3
HIST 377Modern China3
HIST 378Revolution in China3
HIST 392The History of Southern Africa3
HIST 393History of Mexico3
HIST 399Honors Seminar: SS3
HIST 405The Age of the American Revolution, 1750-17893
HIST 410Civil War and Reconstruction: The United States, 1861-18773
HIST 418America in Prosperity, Depression and War, 1921-19453
HIST 419America Since 19453
HIST 435Ethnic America: To 18803
HIST 440History of the American Working Classes3
HIST 445African Americans from Slavery to Freedom3
HIST 446African Americans Since the Civil War3
HIST 451History of Wisconsin3
HIST 454God at the Movies: American Religion in Fiction and Film3
HIST 460The History of Poverty in America3
HIST 468The American Feminist Movement3
HIST 474Topics in North American Indian History:3
HIST 595The Quantitative Analysis of Historical Data QLB3


HMONG 192First-Year Seminar: CD,HU3
Social Science
HMONG 193First-Year Seminar: CD, SS3

Honors College

HONORS 200Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind: HU3
HONORS 350Honors Seminar in the Humanities: HU3
Natural Science
HONORS 352Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences: NS3
Social Science
HONORS 351University Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences: SS3

International Studies

Social Science
INTLST 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
INTLST 550Senior Seminar in International Studies:3


ITALIAN 112Italian Language and Culture for Professional Communication4
ITALIAN 145Views of Italy: HU3
ITALIAN 155Masterpieces of Italian Literature in Translation3
ITALIAN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
ITALIAN 242Topics in Italian American Studies: HU3
ITALIAN 243Topics in Italian American Film: HU3
ITALIAN 245Italy and Its Global Fictions: HU3
ITALIAN 256Introduction to Italian Food Studies: A Cultural History HU3
ITALIAN 258Contemporary Italian Society and Culture HU3
ITALIAN 311Advanced Conversation and Composition: Contemporary Italian Usage3
ITALIAN 312Contemporary Italian Language and Culture HU3
ITALIAN 321Introduction to Italian Literature3
ITALIAN 322Introduction to Italian Literature and Film3
ITALIAN 329Italian Cinema3
ITALIAN 333Dante's Divine Comedy in Translation3
ITALIAN 335Political Theory, Historiography, and Scientific Thought in Italy3
ITALIAN 342Italian Immigration: A Sociocultural History3
ITALIAN 357Topics in Italian Culture in Translation:3
ITALIAN 383Honors Seminar:3
ITALIAN 456Topics in Italian Food Studies:3
ITALIAN 457Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation:3
ITALIAN 460The Italian Novel from Manzoni to the Present3
ITALIAN 463Italian Poetry from Romanticism to Hermeticism3
ITALIAN 466Italian Theatre from the Commedia Dell'Arte to Pirandello3
ITALIAN 552The Renaissance:3
ITALIAN 659The Divine Comedy3
ITALIAN 660The Divine Comedy3
ITALIAN 670Studies in Italian Literature:3
ITALIAN 671Major Italian Authors:3
ITALIAN 675Literary Theory and Critical Perspectives3
ITALIAN 699Advanced Independent Reading1-3


JAPAN 100Introduction to Japanese Literature HU3
JAPAN 110Japanese Popular Culture3
JAPAN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
JAPAN 200Japanese Culture and Its Effect on Language HU3
JAPAN 220Introduction to Japanese Food Studies HU3
JAPAN 221Japanese Film: Themes and Methods3
JAPAN 330Japanese Language and Culture3
JAPAN 332Extensive Reading in Japanese1
JAPAN 345Japanese News Media3
JAPAN 351Japanese Performance Traditions HU3
JAPAN 352Japanese Performance Traditions: Readings1
JAPAN 355Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture: OWCB3
JAPAN 356Seminar in Japanese Literature: Readings1

Jewish Studies

JEWISH 100Introduction to Judaism3
JEWISH 101Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film HU3
JEWISH 131Introduction to Biblical Studies3
JEWISH 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
JEWISH 230Bible Stories HU3
JEWISH 231Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible HU3
JEWISH 232Survey of the Literature of the Post-Biblical Period3
JEWISH 234Survey of Modern Hebrew and Jewish Literature in Translation3
JEWISH 235The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible3
JEWISH 247Topics in Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: HU3
JEWISH 261Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images HU3
JEWISH 282Jewish Identity in Contemporary America HU3
JEWISH 331Topics in Biblical Literature:3
JEWISH 332Women in the Bible3
JEWISH 358The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture3
JEWISH 368Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust HU3
JEWISH 379Introduction to Jewish History HU3
JEWISH 411Old Testament Texts:3
JEWISH 421Introduction to Yiddish Literature:3
JEWISH 449Modern Jewish Thought3
Social Science
JEWISH 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
JEWISH 328The Arab-Israeli Conflict3

Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies

JAMS 111Gender and the Media HU3
JAMS 113Internet Culture HU3
JAMS 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
JAMS 214Advertising in American Society HU3
JAMS 262Principles of Media Studies3
JAMS 304News Literacy3
JAMS 306Feature and Magazine Article Writing:3
JAMS 307Persuasive Media Writing and Production:3
JAMS 320News Reporting3
JAMS 325Audio Storytelling3
JAMS 332Introduction to Digital Documentary3
JAMS 336Media Graphics3
JAMS 342Television News Reporting3
JAMS 380Special Topics in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies:3
JAMS 450Race and Ethnicity in the Media3
JAMS 461Media Ethics HU3
JAMS 500Advanced Integrated Reporting3
JAMS 502Specialized Reporting:3
JAMS 504Critical and Opinion Writing3
JAMS 524Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns3
JAMS 562Media Studies and Culture3
JAMS 620Seminar in Global Media3
Social Science
JAMS 101Introduction to Mass Media SS3
JAMS 116Journalism, Documentary, and Democracy3
JAMS 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
JAMS 505Research for Advertising and Public Relations3
JAMS 559Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age3
JAMS 614Seminar in Media and Public Opinion3
JAMS 615Seminar in Media and Politics3
JAMS 660Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Media Studies:3
JAMS 661Seminar in Media Communication and Society:3


KOREAN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
KOREAN 221Korean Culture and Society HU3
KOREAN 302Sixth Semester Korean3
KOREAN 325Korean Contemporary Culture and the Korean Wave OWCB3

L&S Humanities

L&S HUM 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
L&S HUM 293Sophomore Scholars Seminar: HU3

L&S Natural Science

Natural Science
L&S NS 295Seminar in the Natural Sciences:1-3

L&S Social Science

Social Science
L&S SS 193First-Year Seminar: SS3


LATIN 501Readings in Latin Prose:3
LATIN 502Readings in Latin Poetry:3

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

LACS 101Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies HU3
LACS 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
Social Science
LACS 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
LACS 326Brazilian Politics and Society3

Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latinx Studies 

LACUSL 201Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latinx Arts and Culture: HU3
LACUSL 324Theatre in the Americas: Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Theatre A, CD3

Latinx Studies

LATINX 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
LATINX 279Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature: HU3
LATINX 374Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature3
LATINX 523Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature:3
Social Science
LATINX 101Introduction to Latino Studies SS3
LATINX 323Perspectives on Latino Communities SS3
LATINX 388Latino Politics SS3

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

LGBT 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
LGBT 200Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies HU3
LGBT 275Queer Migrations HU3
Social Science
LGBT 193First-Year Seminar: SS3


LINGUIS 100The Diversity of Human Language HU3
LINGUIS 200Aspects of Language: HU3
LINGUIS 210Power of Words HU3
LINGUIS 211Origins of Words HU3
LINGUIS 390Fundamentals of Linguistic Analysis3
LINGUIS 398Topics in Linguistics:1-6
LINGUIS 400Introduction to English Linguistics3
LINGUIS 450Introduction to Phonetics3
LINGUIS 470Historical/Comparative Linguistics3
LINGUIS 520Advanced Second Language Acquisition:3
LINGUIS 550Advanced Phonetics3
Social Science
LINGUIS 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
LINGUIS 212Language and Gender SS3
LINGUIS 350Introduction to Linguistics SS3
LINGUIS 415First Language Acquisition3
LINGUIS 420Introduction to Second Language Acquisition3
LINGUIS 430Language and Society SS3
LINGUIS 432Urban Dialects3
LINGUIS 440Psycholinguistics SS3
LINGUIS 455Semantics3
LINGUIS 461Introduction to Phonology3
LINGUIS 464Introduction to Syntax3
LINGUIS 468Language in its Various Forms:3
LINGUIS 474Language Typology and Language Universals3
LINGUIS 476Linguistic Theory3
LINGUIS 490Field Methods3
LINGUIS 555Advanced Semantics3
LINGUIS 561Advanced Phonology3
LINGUIS 564Advanced Syntax3
LINGUIS 567Materials and Curriculum for TESOL3
LINGUIS 570Issues in Bilingualism3
LINGUIS 590Morphology3

Mathematical Statistics

Natural Science
MTHSTAT 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
MTHSTAT 215Elementary Statistical Analysis NS, QLB3
MTHSTAT 216Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Science3
MTHSTAT 361Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I3
MTHSTAT 362Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II3
MTHSTAT 562Design of Experiments3
MTHSTAT 563Regression Analysis3
MTHSTAT 564Time Series Analysis3
MTHSTAT 565Nonparametric Statistics3
MTHSTAT 568Multivariate Statistical Analysis3


MATH 111Introduction to Logic - Critical Reasoning HU3
Natural Science
MATH 115Precalculus4
MATH 116College Algebra QLA3
MATH 117Trigonometry2
MATH 176Mathematical Explorations for Elementary Teachers II QLB3
MATH 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
MATH 205Introductory Finite Mathematics NS, QLB3
MATH 208Quantitative Models for Business QLB4
MATH 211Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry I QLB, NS4
MATH 212Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 213Calculus with Life Sciences Applications QLB, NS4
MATH 221Honors Calculus I QLB, NS5
MATH 222Honors Calculus II5
MATH 231Calculus and Analytic Geometry I QLB, NS4
MATH 232Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 233Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4
MATH 234Linear Algebra and Differential Equations4
MATH 240Matrices and Applications3
MATH 275Problem Solving/Critical Thinking for Elementary Education Majors3
MATH 276Algebraic Structures for Elementary Education Majors3
MATH 277Geometry for Elementary Education Majors3
MATH 305Introduction to Mathematical and Computational Modeling3
MATH 313Linear Programming and Optimization3
MATH 318Topics in Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 320Introduction to Differential Equations3
MATH 322Introduction to Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 325Vector Analysis3
MATH 341Seminar: Introduction to the Language and Practice of Mathematics3
MATH 345Mathematics from a Historical Perspective: OWCB3
MATH 381Honors Seminar:3
MATH 405Mathematical Models and Applications3
MATH 413Introduction to Numerical Analysis3
MATH 431Modern Algebra with Applications3
MATH 451Axiomatic Geometry3
MATH 490Topics in Mathematics:3
MATH 511Symbolic Logic3
MATH 523Advanced Calculus I3
MATH 524Advanced Calculus II3
MATH 531Modern Algebra3
MATH 535Linear Algebra3
MATH 537Number Theory3
MATH 551Elementary Topology3
MATH 553Differential Geometry3
MATH 575High School Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint3
MATH 583Introduction to Probability Models3
MATH 591Undergraduate Seminar:1
MATH 603Advanced Engineering Mathematics I3
MATH 604Advanced Engineering Mathematics II3
MATH 623Introduction to Analysis I3
MATH 624Introduction to Analysis II3
MATH 635Modern Algebra I3
MATH 636Modern Algebra II3
MATH 690Topics in Mathematics:3

Peace Studies

PEACEST 203Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies SS3


PHILOS 101Introduction to Philosophy: HU3
PHILOS 111Introduction to Logic - Critical Reasoning HU3
PHILOS 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
PHILOS 204Introduction to Asian Religions HU3
PHILOS 207Religion and Science HU3
PHILOS 211Elementary Logic HU, QLB3
PHILOS 212Modern Deductive Logic HU3
PHILOS 213Introduction to the Philosophy of Science HU3
PHILOS 215Belief, Knowledge, and Truth: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge HU3
PHILOS 217Introduction to Metaphysics HU3
PHILOS 232Topics in Philosophy: HU3
PHILOS 235Philosophical Aspects of Feminism HU3
PHILOS 237Technology, Values, and Society HU3
PHILOS 241Introductory Ethics HU3
PHILOS 242Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy HU3
PHILOS 243Moral Problems: HU1
PHILOS 244Ethical Issues in Health Care: HU3
PHILOS 245Critical Thinking and the Law: HU3
PHILOS 250God, Faith and Reason HU3
PHILOS 253Philosophy of the Arts HU3
PHILOS 271Philosophical Traditions:3
PHILOS 272Philosophical Classics:1
PHILOS 303Mind and Knowledge3
PHILOS 317Metaphysics3
PHILOS 337Environmental Ethics3
PHILOS 350Introduction to the Comparative Study of Religion3
PHILOS 351Philosophy of Mind3
PHILOS 381Honors Seminar: HU3
PHILOS 384The Philosophy of Law3
PHILOS 430Great Thinkers of the Ancient Period3
PHILOS 431History of Medieval Philosophy3
PHILOS 432Great Thinkers of the Modern Period3
PHILOS 433Nineteenth-Century Philosophers3
PHILOS 434Survey of Contemporary Philosophy3
PHILOS 435Existentialism3
PHILOS 437Phenomenology3
PHILOS 461Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism3
PHILOS 474Contemporary Religious Thought:3
PHILOS 475Special Topics in Indian Religious Thought:3
PHILOS 516Language and Meaning3
PHILOS 519Special Problems in Metaphysics and Epistemology:3
PHILOS 520Philosophy of the Natural Sciences3
PHILOS 542Punishment and Responsibility3
PHILOS 551Aristotle3
PHILOS 554Special Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy:3
PHILOS 681Seminar in Advanced Topics:3
Social Science
PHILOS 341Modern Ethical Theories3
PHILOS 349Great Moral Philosophers3
PHILOS 355Political Philosophy3
PHILOS 518Philosophy of History3
PHILOS 521Philosophy of the Social Sciences3
PHILOS 555Recent Philosophy:3
PHILOS 562Special Topics in Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy:3


Natural Science
PHYSICS 100Quantitative Preparation for Physics2
PHYSICS 107Physics in Everyday Life NS3
PHYSICS 110Physics for the Health Professions NS4
PHYSICS 120General Physics I (Non-Calculus Treatment) NS4
PHYSICS 122General Physics II (Non-Calculus Treatment) NS4
PHYSICS 194First-Year Seminar: NS3
PHYSICS 209Physics I (Calculus Treatment) NS4
PHYSICS 210Physics II (Calculus Treatment) NS4
PHYSICS 265Physics and the Energy Problem3
PHYSICS 270Introduction to Computational Physics3
PHYSICS 299Ad Hoc: (Search for Life in the Cosmos)3
PHYSICS 305Medical Physics3
PHYSICS 306Introduction to Biophysics3
PHYSICS 309Physics III: Modern Physics QLB3
PHYSICS 317Thermodynamics3
PHYSICS 351Basics of Condensed Matter Physics3
PHYSICS 370Analytical and Numerical Methods in Physics3
PHYSICS 381Honors Seminar: NS3
PHYSICS 411Mechanics4
PHYSICS 420Electricity and Magnetism I3
PHYSICS 422Electricity and Magnetism II3
PHYSICS 441Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I4
PHYSICS 442Introduction to Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYSICS 501Special Topics: Mathematical Models of Physical Problems I3
PHYSICS 502Special Topics: Mathematical Models of Physical Problems II3
PHYSICS 515Statistical Mechanics3
PHYSICS 517Special Relativity3
PHYSICS 531Principles of Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYSICS 532Principles of Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYSICS 551Introduction to Solid State Physics I3
PHYSICS 575Vacuum Science and Technology3
PHYSICS 606Molecular, Cellular, and System Biophysics3
PHYSICS 651Introduction to Solid State Physics II3
PHYSICS 670Electron Microscopy Laboratory3
Natural Science Labs
PHYSICS 108Laboratory for Physics in Everyday Life NS+1
PHYSICS 121General Physics Laboratory I (Non-Calculus Treatment) NS+1
PHYSICS 123General Physics Laboratory II (Non-Calculus Treatment) NS+1
PHYSICS 185Basic Physics for Teachers NS+3
PHYSICS 214Lab Physics I (Calculus Treatment) NS+1
PHYSICS 215Lab Physics II (Calculus Treatment) NS+1
PHYSICS 219Physics I: Calculus-Based, Studio Format NS+5
PHYSICS 220Physics II: Calculus-Based, Studio Format NS+5
PHYSICS 325Optics4
PHYSICS 406Introduction to Infrared Microspectroscopy3
PHYSICS 408Experiments in Linear Electronics3
PHYSICS 409Modern Physics Laboratory3


POLISH 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
POLISH 236Polish Culture in its Historical Setting HU3
POLISH 260Survey of Polish Literature-in-Translation: 1863 to the Present HU3
POLISH 290Summer Study in Poland:2-6

Political Science

POL SCI 384The Philosophy of Law3
Social Science
POL SCI 103Introduction to Political Science SS3
POL SCI 104Introduction to American Government and Politics SS3
POL SCI 105State Politics SS3
POL SCI 106Politics of the World's Nations SS3
POL SCI 110Sex and Power SS3
POL SCI 175Introduction to International Relations SS3
POL SCI 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
POL SCI 201Introduction to Public Service3
POL SCI 203Introduction to Political Science Research3
POL SCI 210American Public Policy SS3
POL SCI 213Urban Government and Politics SS3
POL SCI 215Ethnicity, Religion and Race in American Politics SS3
POL SCI 243Public Administration SS3
POL SCI 250Law and Society3
POL SCI 255Great Issues of Politics SS3
POL SCI 281Classics of Political Theory3
POL SCI 300Western European Politics3
POL SCI 301British Politics3
POL SCI 302Politics of Eastern Europe3
POL SCI 310Russian and Post-Soviet Politics3
POL SCI 312The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes3
POL SCI 314Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy3
POL SCI 316International Law3
POL SCI 320Politics of Developing Countries3
POL SCI 321Politics of Revolution in Developing Nations3
POL SCI 325Latin American Politics3
POL SCI 326Brazilian Politics and Society3
POL SCI 328The Arab-Israeli Conflict3
POL SCI 329African Politics3
POL SCI 330The Politics of International Economic Relations3
POL SCI 333Seminar in Comparative Politics:3
POL SCI 334German Politics and the New Europe3
POL SCI 335Comparative Political Systems3
POL SCI 337International Organization and the United Nations3
POL SCI 338Seminar in International Relations:3
POL SCI 339European Integration3
POL SCI 340Politics of Nuclear Weapons3
POL SCI 341Politics and Markets in Pacific-Rim Countries:3
POL SCI 343Asian International Relations3
POL SCI 345Korean Politics and Foreign Policy3
POL SCI 346U.S.-Latin American Relations3
POL SCI 355The Politics of Economic Inequality3
POL SCI 359Problems of American Foreign Policy3
POL SCI 361History of International Political Thought3
POL SCI 365Theories and Methods in International Politics3
POL SCI 368Gender and Politics in Developing Nations3
POL SCI 370International Conflict3
POL SCI 371Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict SS3
POL SCI 372Poverty and Politics:3
POL SCI 374Health, Wealth, and Democracy3
POL SCI 377Elections in the Modern World3
POL SCI 379Morality, Conflict and War3
POL SCI 380Honors Seminar: SS3
POL SCI 381The Development of Western Political Thought3
POL SCI 382Modern Political Thought3
POL SCI 383Environmental Political Theory3
POL SCI 385American Political Thought3
POL SCI 386Contemporary Political Theory3
POL SCI 387Topics in American Politics:3
POL SCI 388Latino Politics SS3
POL SCI 389Politics and Philosophy:3
POL SCI 391Current Crises and Events in International Relations3
POL SCI 392Survey Research3
POL SCI 398Cyberpolitics3
POL SCI 405State Government:3
POL SCI 408The American Presidency3
POL SCI 410Law Through Popular Culture3
POL SCI 411Constitutional Law: Government Powers and Federalism3
POL SCI 412Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties3
POL SCI 416Judicial Politics3
POL SCI 417The Supreme Court3
POL SCI 419Constitutional Interpretation3
POL SCI 421Party Politics in America3
POL SCI 423Conduct of American Foreign Affairs3
POL SCI 425Women in Politics3
POL SCI 426Congressional Politics3
POL SCI 444Politics and the Bureaucracy3
POL SCI 450Urban Political Problems3
POL SCI 452Administrative Law3
POL SCI 464Sex, Gender, and the Law3
POL SCI 467Elections and Voting Behavior3
POL SCI 471Problems in Law Studies:3
POL SCI 473Public Opinion3
POL SCI 475Political Psychology3
POL SCI 500Capstone Course in Political Science3


PORTUGS 204Fourth-Semester Portuguese3
PORTUGS 225Understanding Brazil: HU3
PORTUGS 360Luso-Brazilian Culture: HU3


Natural Science
PSYCH 254Physiological Psychology NS3
PSYCH 433Neuropsychology3
PSYCH 454Psychopharmacology and Addiction3
PSYCH 503Perception3
PSYCH 510Advanced Psychological Statistics3
PSYCH 610Experimental Design3
PSYCH 611Current Topics:3
PSYCH 627Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSYCH 645Hormones and Behavior3
PSYCH 657Neurobiology of Learning and Memory3
PSYCH 680Psychology of Aging3
PSYCH 682The Aging Brain3
Natural Science Labs
PSYCH 325Research Methods in Psychology OWCB4
PSYCH 502Applied Behavior Analysis4
PSYCH 505Cognitive Processes4
PSYCH 623Perceptual Processes4
PSYCH 654Advanced Physiological Psychology4
PSYCH 656Psychophysiology4
PSYCH 660Experimental Child Psychology4
PSYCH 677Experimental Social Psychology4
Social Science
PSYCH 101Introduction to Psychology SS3
PSYCH 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
PSYCH 205Personality SS3
PSYCH 210Psychological Statistics QLB4
PSYCH 211Current Topics in Psychology:1-4
PSYCH 214Introduction to Conditioning and Learning SS3
PSYCH 220Introduction to Cognitive Psychology3
PSYCH 230Social Psychology: Psychological Perspectives SS3
PSYCH 260Child Psychology SS3
PSYCH 319LGBTIQ Psychology SS3
PSYCH 320Psychology of Gender SS3
PSYCH 407Personality Theory3
PSYCH 412Abnormal Psychology3
PSYCH 514Conditioning and Learning4
PSYCH 550History of Psychology3
PSYCH 555Health Psychology3
PSYCH 578Psychology of Race, Ethnicity, and Health3

Public Administration

Social Science
PUB ADM 243Public Administration SS3
PUB ADM 400Ethics and Responsibility in Public Administration3

Religious Studies

RELIGST 101Introduction to World Religions HU3
RELIGST 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
Social Science
RELIGST 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
RELIGST 395Seminar in the Study of Religion: Theories of Religion3


RUSSIAN 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
RUSSIAN 235Survey of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation HU3
RUSSIAN 236Survey of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation HU3
RUSSIAN 245Russian Life and Culture HU3
RUSSIAN 260Topics in Slavic Culture:1
RUSSIAN 350Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in Translation: Major Works HU3
RUSSIAN 360Bulgakov, Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn in Translation HU3
RUSSIAN 361Russian and Slavic Folklore HU3
RUSSIAN 363Women's Influence on Russian Culture Throughout History OWCB3
RUSSIAN 391Russian Literature and Culture in Translation:3

Scandinavian Studies

SCNDVST 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
SCNDVST 332Analysis of Swedish Texts3


Social Science
SOCIOL 101Introduction to Sociology SS3
SOCIOL 102Solving Social Problems SS3
SOCIOL 103World Society SS3
SOCIOL 104Introduction to Social Psychology SS3
SOCIOL 224Race and Ethnicity in the United States SS, CD3
SOCIOL 233Social Inequality in the United States SS3
SOCIOL 235Social Change in the Global Economy SS3
SOCIOL 241Criminology SS3
SOCIOL 246Juvenile Delinquency SS3
SOCIOL 248Sociology of Education SS3
SOCIOL 250Sex and Gender SS3
SOCIOL 255Sociology of Sexuality SS3
SOCIOL 260Blood, Sex, Money, Power: Families and Intimate Relationships SS3
SOCIOL 261Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology QLB3
SOCIOL 282Sociology of Aging SS3
SOCIOL 304Political Sociology3
SOCIOL 321Contemporary Issues of the American Indian SS3
SOCIOL 323Perspectives on Latino Communities SS, CD3
SOCIOL 324Race and Ethnicity in Global Contexts3
SOCIOL 325Social Change3
SOCIOL 327Data, Technology, and Society3
SOCIOL 330Economy and Society3
SOCIOL 331Sociology of Health Care3
SOCIOL 338Small Groups3
SOCIOL 341Sociology of Deviant Behavior3
SOCIOL 342Sociology of Law3
SOCIOL 343Collective Behavior3
SOCIOL 350Environmental Sociology3
SOCIOL 352Social Networks3
SOCIOL 361Research Methods in Sociology3
SOCIOL 375Social Theory3
SOCIOL 376Modern Sociological Theory3
SOCIOL 380Honors Seminar: SS3
SOCIOL 442The Work-Family Intersection3
SOCIOL 443Organizations, Occupations, and Professions3
SOCIOL 444Sociology of the Body3
SOCIOL 448Sociology of Children and Adolescents3
SOCIOL 476Sociology of International Public Health3
SOCIOL 495Seminar in Sociology:3


SPANISH 204Fourth-Semester Spanish3
SPANISH 225Understanding the Hispanic World: HU3
SPANISH 341Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
SPANISH 350Introduction to Literary Analysis3
SPANISH 371Introduction to Latino Literature in English HU3
SPANISH 388Health Issues in the Hispanic World3
SPANISH 391Social and Historical Issues in the Hispanic World: HU3
SPANISH 470Survey of Hispanic Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 472Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 474Survey of Spanish Literature and Civilization3
SPANISH 491Topics in Hispanic Culture:3
SPANISH 506Seminar in Spanish Literature:3
SPANISH 507Seminar in Spanish-American Literature:3
SPANISH 508Seminar in Hispanic Literature:3
SPANISH 541History of the Spanish Language3
SPANISH 545Seminar in Hispanic Linguistics:3
SPANISH 570Seminar in Spanish Golden Age Literature:3
SPANISH 572Seminar on Cervantes:3
SPANISH 578Seminar in Modern Spanish Literature and Civilization:3


TRNSLTN 201Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Studies HU3

Urban Studies

Social Science
URB STD 150Multicultural America SS3
URB STD 193First-Year Seminar: SS3
URB STD 250Exploring the Urban Environment SS3
URB STD 360Perspectives on the Urban Scene: SS3
URB STD 377Urbanism and Urbanization3
URB STD 381Honors Seminar: SS3
URB STD 450Urban Growth and Development: A Global View3

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 150Multicultural America HU3
WGS 192First-Year Seminar: HU3
WGS 201Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: A Humanities Perspective HU3
WGS 301Queer Theory3
WGS 302Gendered Bodies:3
WGS 381Honors Seminar in the Humanities:3
WGS 410Feminist Theory3
WGS 501Advanced Humanities Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies:3
Social Science
WGS 200Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: A Social Science Perspective SS3
WGS 380Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences: SS3
WGS 401Global Feminisms3
WGS 411Women's and Gender Studies Research Methods:3
WGS 500Advanced Social Science Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies:3