The Web Development Certificate is designed to offer students the opportunity to complement their major field of study with an additional concentration in web programming. This certificate is also available to those who have already graduated.


At least 8 credits must be completed at UWM. The student must maintain a minimum GPA, as specified by department, in courses used to complete the certificate. No course may be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

The 18-credit certificate requires the following:

Computer Programming (3 credits) - Select one of the following:3
COMPSCI 202Introductory Programming Using Python3
COMPSCI 351Data Structures and Algorithms3
Web Documents (3 credits) - Select one of the following:3
ART 325Web Design II3
COMPSCI 113Introduction to Web Document Production3
INFOST 320Web Design II3
Web Programming (3 credits) - Select one of the following:3
COMPSCI 361Introduction to Software Engineering3
COMPSCI 481Server-side Internet Programming3
Web Applications (3 credits) - Must complete this course3
COMPSCI 482Rich Internet Applications3


Electives (6 credits) - Select 2 courses from the following list:6
ART 218Moving Images and Sound in Art & Design3
ART 224Dynamic Typography3
ART 325Web Design II3
BUS ADM 531Developing Applications for Interconnected Systems3
BUS ADM 532Web Development for Open Business Systems3
COMMUN 313Human Communication and Technology3
COMMUN 413Rhetoric and the Internet3
COMPSCI 112Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web3
COMPSCI 150Survey of Computer Science3
COMPSCI 425Introduction to Data Mining3
COMPSCI 444Introduction to Text Retrieval and Its Applications in Biomedicine3
COMPSCI 469Introduction to Computer Security3
COMPSCI 530Computer Networks Laboratory3
COMPSCI 552Advanced Object-Oriented Programming3
COMPSCI 557Introduction to Database Systems3
CURRINS 530Workshop in Computer Instruction in the Schools3
CURRINS 547Curricular Applications of the Internet3
ENGLISH 439Information Design3
HCA 444Introduction to Text Retrieval and Its Applications in Biomedicine3
HCA 542Healthcare Database Design and Management3
INFOST 325Information Security I3
INFOST 370Data Analysis and Visualization for the Information Professional3
INFOST 375Multimedia Web Design3
INFOST 685Electronic Publishing and Web Design3