Minoring in English provides students with a wealth of intellectual and practical learning, a foundation to future success. In today's high-technology, interconnected world, the ability to read carefully, think imaginatively, understand others, and communicate across all types of platforms and formats is essential.

In small classes, our students learn to understand the power and possibilities of the English language across the centuries and around the world. Students learn to think critically, write persuasively, argue logically, delve deeply into history, and explore their own creativity. Students are challenged to examine their own assumptions, sharpen their writing, and learn how to read and understand even the most difficult works, from fiction to philosophy.


The College of Letters and Science requires that students attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all credits in the minor attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all minor credits attempted, including any transfer work. The minor in English requires 18 credits, with at least 9 in residence at UWM, as follows:

ENGLISH 215Introduction to English Studies3
Select 3 of the following courses in Literature and Cultural Theory:9
Survey of English Literature, Beginnings to 1500
Survey of English Literature, 1500-1660
Survey of English Literature, 1660-1798
Survey of English Literature, 1798-1900
Survey of English Literature: 1900 to the Present
Survey of Irish Literature
Survey of American Literature to 1865
Survey of American Literature, 1865-1965
Survey of Contemporary American Literature
The Art of Fiction:
The Development of the Novel:
The Development of the Short Story
Forms of Experimental Literature:
Film and Literature
Gay and Lesbian Literature:
The Development of Drama:
Modern Drama:
The Art of Poetry:
The Development of Poetry:
Medieval Epic and Romance
Non-Fiction Prose:
Folk Literature:
Survey of American Indian Literature
Survey of Ethnic Minority Literature
Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature
Survey of Asian American Literature
Survey of African-American Literature to 1930
Survey of African-American Literature, 1930 to the Present
Survey of Current Literary and Cultural Theory
World Literatures Written in English:
Writers in Drama:
Writers in English Literature, 1500-1660:
Writers in English Literature, 1660-1798:
Writers in English Literature, 1798-1900:
Writers in English Literature, 1900 to the Present:
Writers in American Literature, 1500-1900:
Writers in American Literature, 1900 to the Present:
Writers in African-American Literature:
Women Writers:
Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature:
Studies in Literature, 1500-1660:
Studies in Literature, 1660-1800:
Studies in Literature, 1800-1900:
Studies in Literature, 1900 to the Present:
Literature in Context:
Literature and the Other Arts:
Studies in African-American Literature:
Studies in Irish Literature:
Studies in American Indian Literature:
Studies in Ethnic Minority Literature:
Studies in World Literature Written in English:
Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature:
Studies in Asian-American Literature:
American Indian Literature, Culture, and Creative Arts
Studies in Shakespeare: (subtitle)
Studies in the History of Literary Criticism:
Studies in Theory and Criticism:
Seminar in the Art of Literature:
Seminar in the Literature of England:
Seminar in Irish Literature:
Seminar in American Literature:
Seminar in Modern Literature:
Seminar in Literary History:
Seminar in Critical Theory:
Seminar in Literature and Culture:
Seminar in Literature by Women:
Seminar in Literature and Sexuality:
Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts:
Seminar in African-American Literature:
Seminar in American Indian Literature:
Select a minimum of 6 credits in additional English courses numbered 300 and above6
Total Credits18