For undergraduate students in other degree programs outside the School of Information Studies, SOIS also offers an undergraduate minor in Information Science and Technology (IST).

Students who wish to become information and technology literate while pursuing studies in their major areas are candidates. For example, the minor is attractive to students majoring in the humanities, arts, and social sciences where the combination of their major field with the IST minor will help prepare students for careers in information-related work. Fields that combine well with the IST minor include English (particularly Technical Writing), Modern Languages, Communication, Mass Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and the arts. It should also be of interest to students majoring in professional fields such as Computer Science and Business Administration where the courses from IST will complement their major.


Fulfillment of the minor entails completion of 18 credits from the following list of courses:

Introduction to Information Science and Technology
6 credits from the following IST Core options:6
Web Design I
Project Teams, Leadership, and Communication
Human Factors in Information Seeking and Use
Knowledge Organization for Information Science and Technology
Introduction to Systems Analysis
Introduction to Application Development
Database Information Retrieval Systems
Web Application Development
Senior Capstone
9 credits:9
9 additional credits to be taken from INFOST 300-level or above coursework
Total Credits18