Students enroll in a required music theory and music history core. Music minors choose from a wide array of music electives in order to create programs uniquely matched to their interests. Students choosing private lessons must audition either at a scheduled audition day, at ensemble auditions, or with Music Department area heads and be admitted to lessons at the discretion of the instructor and area head. Please note that the Minor in Music does not meet the Wisconsin Department of Instruction requirements for Music Education licensure. 


Students must complete at least 22 credits to receive the Minor in Music. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits at UWM:

Music Theory 15-7
Theory Fundamentals
and Aural Theory I
and Materials of Theory I
Aural Theory I
and Aural Theory II
and Materials of Theory I
and Materials of Theory II
Music History6
Introduction to Classical Music
American Popular Music
General History of Western Music I
General History of Western Music II
General History of Western Music III
Introduction to World Musics
Electives 29-11
Complete 9-11 credits from any area of Music. May include ensembles, lessons, performance practice, or additional theory and history coursework. Students enrolled in a private lesson must also simultaneously enroll in a performance ensemble.

The Music Theory Placement exam is optional. The exam determines whether a student will start the theory track with MUSIC 1 or MUSIC 123. Students who do not take the exam will be required t o complete the Theory Fundamentals track.


Elective Lesson Options: Lessons are not required for the music minor. However, students may take up to four elective credits of lessons. Concurrent enrollment in a large ensemble is required. Lessons are available per successful ensemble audition.

Elective Ensemble Options: Ensembles may be repeated for credit. Students may enroll in the same music ensemble for multiple semesters (up to 8 total and dependent upon audition), and each semester of enrollment fulfills one credit towards the minor. Audition required.


Location: Theatre 120
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