Our undergraduate program of study is committed to helping students develop their creative, conceptual and technical abilities through media: film, video, audio, installation, and new genres. Our goal is for you to become a creative thinker, an informed viewer and an art maker — someone whose imaginative skills are matched by an ability to learn and use the technologies to say something important.

This program is open to all students seeking to complement their major studies by developing skills in moving image/audio production, creative concept development, and media project management skills–skills that are increasingly in demand across multiple fields.


After completing the Foundation Requirements, students will complete the remaining six credits of 300-level courses from the elective lists below.

Foundation Requirements
FILM 110Foundation Topics: (students are required to complete 2 sections for 6 credits of FILM 110)6
FILM 180Foundation Production: Fiction6
or FILM 181 Foundation Production: Nonfiction
FILM 222Digital Filmmaking3
Total Credits21

Department Electives

Department electives are separated into four categories:

  • Production: these courses build expertise with tools and technologies while continuing to develop critical thinking and creative expression.
  • Portfolio: these courses explore topics and/or themes, develop artistry and require students to develop their individual portfolios through the creation of self-authored works.
  • Contextual: these courses continue to develop student's critical thinking and expressive voice by exploring topics and/or themes through screenings, discussions, written assignments and creative media projects.
  • Professional Practice: includes internship and other forms of professional practicum.
Production Electives
FILM 22016mm Filmmaking3
FILM 222Digital Filmmaking3
FILM 231Writing for Film3
FILM 232Animation I3
FILM 234Introduction to the Screenplay3
FILM 379Storyboarding3
FILM 380Production Topics:3
FILM 382Visual Effects3
FILM 385Experimental Animation3
FILM 386Interactive Animation3
FILM 390Directing3
FILM 391Cinematography3
FILM 392Documentary Filmmaking3
FILM 393Sound Design3
FILM 394Film Score Studio3
FILM 395Preproduction3
FILM 396Video Installation3
FILM 398Editing and Post-Production3
FILM 399Advanced Independent Study3
Portfolio Electives
FILM 360Portfolio Topics:3
FILM 361Animation Studio3
FILM 362Documenting Community3
FILM 363Mumblecore: Fundamental Cinema3
FILM 364Music Video Production3
FILM 365Sex and Gender in Film and Video3
FILM 366Experimental Sound Techniques3
FILM 367Personal Cinema3
FILM 368Dreams: Yours, Mine, Ours3
Contextual Electives
FILM 305Digital Cinema and the Computer3
FILM 319Theory/Practice Seminar:3
FILM 320The Art of the Short Film3
FILM 323Film as a Modernist Art Form3
FILM 324Genre and the Horror Film3
FILM 325Indie Cinema3
FILM 326Philosophy and Film3
FILM 328Radical Cinema3
FILM 329Sociological Cinema3
FILM 330Structuring Gaps3
FILM 336Visual Effects and Illusion in Cinema3
Professional Practice Electives
FILM 342Milwaukee Underground Film Festival3
FILM 343The Business of Animation3
FILM 344The Producer's Role3
FILM 345The Screenwriting Business3
FILM 346Documentary Projects: doc/UWM3
FILM 442Media Internship1-3


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Academic advising is an important aspect of long-term academic success. At the Peck School of the Arts, we offer professional advising in the undergraduate disciplines of art, dance, film, music and theatre.

Our advisors provide students with individualized appointments to assist them in areas such as: degree requirements, major options, course selection, campus resources, college success strategies, graduation assessment, academic policies and procedures, and more.

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