The Department of Urban Planning offers undergraduates the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Urban Planning. All undergraduate students are eligible. The intent of the program is to recognize those students who obtain a thorough introduction to urban planning through coursework. These courses provide students with an understanding of many of the most important problems facing urban society and help prepare students for a variety of careers and graduate study. Interested students should inquire in the Student Advising Office about either the Certificate Program or appropriate courses as preparation for graduate study in urban planning.


A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and a total of 15 credits from among designated courses are required.

Designated Courses
URBPLAN 140Issues in Contemporary Urban Planning3
URBPLAN 141Urban Planning Solutions to Contemporary Urban Problems3
Select one "Great Cities" course:3
Great Cities of the World: Their Growth and Guided Urbanization
Planning for the Great Cities of America
Select one skills course:3
Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Planning
Land Use Planning Practice
Negotiation Theory and Practice for Urban Planners
Select 3 elective credits 13
Total Credits15

Students may take any urban planning courses, including those listed above, to fulfill the elective credit requirement. Courses may be counted only once toward the certificate.