Planners work to enhance quality of life and social equity for all, whether working on revitalizing an older neighborhood or developing a regional transportation plan that enhances opportunities for people of all incomes, ages, and physical abilities. Planners address the diverse needs of community members to build a better future.

Urban planning is an interdisciplinary field of study, reflected in the academic backgrounds of our faculty who have expertise in economics, urban design, urban revitalization, transportation, sustainability, and the intersections between these areas of study.

Although the professional planning program offered at UWM is a master's degree requiring two years of graduate study, a number of planning courses are available to undergraduates. They include:

  1. A cluster of introductory courses reviewing urban problems and solutions for freshmen and sophomores, and introducing urban planning to upper-level undergraduates.
  2. A cluster presenting the planning process in a general urban context.
  3. A group of upper-level courses that introduce more specialized aspects of planning in contexts ranging from neighborhoods, through suburbs, to new towns and planned communities; and approaches from fiscal planning to environmental issues.

These courses are offered to students interested in learning more about planning and the roles of planners in addressing urban problems, and complement other programs such as architecture, business, economics, engineering, geography, social work, sociology, and political science.

Urban Planning Courses

NameRankDegreeSchoolGraduate FacultyEmeritus Faculty
Ernest Alexander Professor PhD No Yes
Carolyn Esswein Adjunct Assistant Professor MArch, MUP University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee No No
Enrique Figueroa Associate Professor PhD No Yes
Nancy Frank Associate Professor PhD State University of New York at Albany No No
Kirk Harris Associate Professor PhD Cornell University Yes No
Wililam Huxhold Professor MS No Yes
Mordecai Lee Professor PhD No Yes
Joseph Mangiamele Professor PhD No Yes
Robert Schneider Associate Professor, Chair PhD University of California, Berkeley Yes No
Sammis White Professor PhD No Yes