The Minor in Kinesiology affords students opportunities to study the multidisciplinary science of human movement. Students interested in health, fitness, exercise, and sport will enjoy this minor.

Students who complete the Minor in Kinesiology will be able to:

  1. Describe, from a multidisciplinary approach, the value and benefits of all forms of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle; and
  2. Summarize and apply theoretical and scientific knowledge from multiple Kinesiology subdisciplines such as: biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, sociological and psychological aspects of physical activity, health, and sport.


To declare the Minor in Kinesiology, students must:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 24 credits;
  2. Have a minimum UWM GPA of 2.0; and
  3. Complete the online declaration form.

The Minor in Kinesiology involves completing 18 credits of kinesiology coursework. Students must:

Select at least 12 credits from the following: 112
Introduction to Kinesiology
Anatomical Kinesiology
Health Aspects of Exercise and Nutrition
Exercise Physiology
Psychological Aspects of Sport and Exercise
Sociological Aspects of Health and Human Movement
Motor Development Across the Lifespan
Principles of Motor Learning
Select 6 additional Kinesiology credits level 300 or above6
Total Credits18

Declaration of minor is a prerequisite for each of these courses.

To be awarded the Minor in Kinesiology, students will need to earn credit in each course taken and have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the 18 credits in the Kinesiology minor. Students must satisfy published prerequisites of any course.

Academic advisors within the Zilber College of Public Health Office of Student Affairs will assist students enrolled in the program with the development of career goals and the selection of appropriate courses to further those goals. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 414-229-2758.