The Biomedical Sciences Department in the UWM College of Health Professions and Science offers a broad range of programs dedicated to the detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases across the systems and parts of the body.  

Available areas of study and professional preparation programs for learners interested in careers and research in the healthcare industry are: 

  • Laboratory based programs including master’s and Ph.D. preparation (working with bodily fluids, tissues and cells).
  • Diagnostic Imaging programs (working with organs, the vascular system and skeleton).  
  • Health Sciences including degree completion programs (application of science to health, including the study of medicine, nutrition, and other health-related topics and how they affect humans). 

Please see the program page for details about each program.

Biomedical Sciences Courses

Diagnostic Imaging Courses

NameRankDegreeSchoolGraduate FacultyEmeritus Faculty
Shahla Anders Clinical Associate Professor MEd, MLS(ASCP)CM Carroll University No No
Cindy Brown Clinical Associate Professor Emerita MEd Central Michigan University No Yes
Daniel Cordas Clinical Assistant Professor BS University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee No No
Bradley DePons Clinical Assistant Professor BS, MLS(ASCP)CM University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee No No
Richard Dettman Clinical Assistant Professor PhD Walden University No No
Jennifer Doll Associate Professor PhD Washington University Yes No
Kaitlyn Doyle Clinical Assistant Professor BS University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee No No
Janis Eells Professor PhD University of Iowa Yes No
Fang Yao Stephen Hou Clinical Associate Professor PhD, MB(ASCP)QCYM, MLS(ASCPi) University of Wisconsin-Madison Yes No
Randall Lambrecht Professor PhD, MT(ASCP) University of Wisconsin-Madison No Yes
Elizabeth Liedhegner Assistant Professor PhD Case Western Reserve University Yes No
Zac Lunak Clinical Associate Professor PhD, MLS, HTL(ASCP)CM Marquette University No No
Kristen Moose Clinical Assistant Professor MPH University of Michigan No No
Dean Nardelli Associate Professor PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison Yes No
Jason Rentmeester Clinical Assistant Professor BS University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee No No
Troy Skwor Assistant Professor PhD Texas A&M University Yes No
Susan Stalewski Clinical Associate Professor MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM Keller Graduate School of Management No No
Jayne Wisniewski Clinical Associate Professor MEd Carroll University, WI No No