The Materials minor is directed toward students who want to strengthen their background in materials engineering.


The 18-credit minor requires the following:

MATLENG 402Physical Metallurgy3
Select 5 electives (see below)15
Total Credits18


MATLENG 316Thermodynamics of Materials3
MATLENG 330Materials and Processes in Manufacturing3
MATLENG 380Engineering Basis for Materials Selection3
MATLENG 385Introduction to Biomaterials3
MATLENG 410Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MATLENG 411Materials Laboratory3
MATLENG 431Welding Engineering3
MATLENG 452Ceramic Materials3
MATLENG 453Polymeric Materials3
MATLENG 456Metal Casting Engineering3
MATLENG 457Engineering Composites3
MATLENG 460Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing3
MATLENG 461Environmental Degradation of Materials3
MATLENG 465Friction and Wear3
MATLENG 471Heat Treatment of Materials3
MATLENG 481Electronic Materials3
MATLENG 483Materials for Energy Systems3
MATLENG 511Advanced Materials Characterization3
MATLENG 585Advanced Biomaterials3
MATLENG 690Topics in Materials:3

More information on the minor may be obtained from the CEAS Office of Student Services (414) 229-4667.