The minor in industrial and manufacturing engineering is ideally suited for:

  • Business majors interested in strengthening their background in quantitative production operations management
  • Computer Science majors interested in advanced optimization techniques
  • Mechanical Engineering majors interested in development and implementation of integrated manufacturing systems
  • Civil Engineering majors focusing on transportation where advanced optimization techniques may be useful

Requirements - 21 Credits

The program of study to obtain the minor in industrial and manufacturing engineering consists of four required courses and three elective courses.

Required Courses:
IND ENG 360Engineering Economic Analysis3
IND ENG 367Introductory Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering Students3
IND ENG 455Operations Research I3
IND ENG 470Methods Engineering3
Elective Courses
IND ENG 350Manufacturing Processes3
IND ENG 370Introduction to Operations Analysis3
IND ENG 465Operations Research II3
IND ENG 475Simulation Methodology3
IND ENG 571Quality Control3
IND ENG 572Reliability Engineering3
IND ENG 580Ergonomics3
IND ENG 583Facility Layout and Material Handling3

If you are interested in an Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering minor, contact Student Services at or (414) 229-4667. Student Services is located in the EMS building, Room E386.