The minor in electrical engineering is designed for students in engineering and science majors. The minor is not available to electrical engineering majors.


It requires students to take a minimum of 21 credits, of which not more than 6 credits overlap with the student's major. Students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.

Select 15 credits from the following:15
Electrical Circuits I
Electrical Circuits II
Signals and Systems
Electronics I
Electronics II
Digital Logic
Electromagnetic Fields
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Introduction to Microprocessors
Capstone Design Project
Select 6 electives (see below)6
Total Credits21


No more than 6 credits from the following list may be counted towards the minor:

COMPSCI 458Computer Architecture3
COMPSCI 459Fundamentals of Computer Graphics3
COMPSCI 536Software Engineering3
ELECENG 410Digital Signal Processing3
ELECENG 420Random Signals and Systems3
ELECENG 421Communication Systems3
ELECENG 436Introduction to Medical Instrumentation3
ELECENG 439Introduction to Biomedical Optics3
ELECENG 437Introduction to Biomedical Imaging3
ELECENG 451Introduction to VLSI Design3
ELECENG 457Digital Logic Laboratory3
ELECENG 461Microwave Engineering3
ELECENG 462Antenna Theory3
ELECENG 465Broadband Optical Networks3
ELECENG 471Electric Power Systems3
ELECENG/MECHENG 474Introduction to Control Systems4
MECHENG 490Topics in Mechanical Engineering:1-3
ELECENG 541Integrated Circuits and Systems3
ELECENG 562Telecommunication Circuits3
ELECENG 565Optical Communication3
ELECENG 572Power Electronics3
ELECENG/MECHENG 574Intermediate Control Systems3
MATLENG 481Electronic Materials3
MECHENG 321Basic Heat Transfer4

More information on the minor may be obtained from the CEAS Office of Student Services (414) 229-4667, EMS Room E386.