The Theatre Minor study supports active learning thorough participation in theatre processes and practices. The Theatre Minor also focuses on creativity and communication skills within the dramatic and theatrical arts. It is extremely relevant to other areas of academic study across the University. 


Select one of the following theatre-literacy courses:3
Introduction to the Theatre
Play Analysis
Multicultural America:
The Theatrical Experience:
Select one of the following production/management courses:3
Theatre Production and Design
Performing Arts Management
Select one of the following performance courses:3
Acting for Non-majors
Theatre Games
Theatre and Social Change
Select 9 Theatre elective credits 19
Total Credits18

Students are required to take at least 6 credits at the 300 level or above. Students should work with their Theatre advisor to choose which courses meet individual interests and needs. 

Theatre Electives

THEATRE 100Introduction to the Theatre (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 101Acting for Non-majors (if not already taken) 13
or THEATRE 110 Fundamentals of the Actor's Process
THEATRE 111Theatre Games (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 202Theatre Practicum1-4
THEATRE 204Theatre and Social Change (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 213Play Analysis (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 214Stagecraft (with lab)4
THEATRE 215Properties Production3
THEATRE 218Computer Modeling and Graphics for Live Performance3
THEATRE 224Make-Up3
THEATRE 225Costume Construction2
THEATRE 230Acting 2: Text and Performance3
THEATRE 236Theatre Production and Design (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 260Storytelling: (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 275Performing Arts Management (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 304Costume Design3
THEATRE 305The Theatrical Experience: (if not already taken)3
THEATRE 311Improvisation3
THEATRE 318Scene Design3
THEATRE 321The Theatre: Beginnings Through Realism3
THEATRE 322The Theatre: Modern and Contemporary Period3
THEATRE 324Theatre in the Americas: Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Theatre3
THEATRE 325History of Costume3
THEATRE 330Acting Topics:3
THEATRE 337Sound Production and Digital Editing for Stage and Studio3
THEATRE 338Lighting Production3
THEATRE 359Playwriting3
THEATRE 380Stage Management3
THEATRE 410Stage Directing3
THEATRE 418Lighting Studio3
THEATRE 437Sound Design and Digital Editing3
THEATRE 448How to be a Teaching Artist3
THEATRE 475Rehearsal and Performance:2-3
THEATRE 497Study Abroad in Theatre1-12

Minor cannot include both THEATRE 101 and THEATRE 110.


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