CGS REL 299-3031 Independent Reading in Religious Studies [ASOC, WAUK, 2]

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2202 – Spring 2020
Regular Academic Session - 1 (1/21/20 to 5/7/20)
Waukesha Campus (On Campus - Waukesha)
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Activity Status: Active at all approved careers
CDRL: Undergraduate-Basic
Course Level: Associate Only
GER: GER Humanities

Course Attributes

Activity Status: Active at all approved careers
CDRL: Undergraduate-Basic
Course Level: Associate Only
GER: GER Humanities


Mullooly, Michael (0147582) – Primary Instructor – Approve


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W 6pm-8:45pm Lecture Dept - WAUK N133 - Lecture Using Session Dates

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  1. Buddhism is a major spiritual force in the world today. From its roots in Asia twenty-five centuries ago, Buddhism has become one of the fastest growing religions in Europe and North America. Its compelling insights into human existence offer an ancient yet very relevant alternative to the materialism of the modern age. We will explore Buddhism's central, unifying principles as well as its diverse forms, from the esoteric rituals of Tantric Buddhism to the minimalist refinement of Zen. We will study Buddhism's most important sacred writings, as well as the sacred art inspired by the Buddha and his teachings.
    Buddhism is the single common thread uniting the Asian world, from India to Southeast Asia, and along the Central Asian Silk Road to China and Japan. To guide and inspire believers, a rich panoply of symbols and images were made beginning in India in the third century BCE. Buddhist iconography is the study of these symbols and images. Through our study of paintings, statuary, temple architecture and Japanese Zen gardens, we hope to gain an appreciation for the beautiful and diverse world of Buddhist art. The objective of the course is to investigate the origins and historical development of Buddhism as well as its current trends and to investigate how the Buddha image transformed through time and place, and explore how Buddhist art was shaped by fundamental changes within the faith.

    Course can be taken with or without the trip to NYC.
    Additional Option for this course - Add on trip: For this this course includes a field trip to New York City.
    2,192.79 based on double occupancy (have roommate) or special tuition with trip: $2,477.79 based on single occupancy (no roommate)
    Iconography Course Trip features:
    Daily museum study, meditation sessions and visits to ethic Buddhist temples. The objective of our field trip is to deepen our understanding of Buddhist principles, art and practice through a firsthand contemplative learning experience. Please contact Holly Wehrhahn, Continuing Education Director at for details.

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