According to U.S. News & World Report, 14 of the top 20 best jobs in the new decade are in health care professions. The College of Health Sciences (CHS) offers the largest number of health-related degree programs in Wisconsin, training our graduates to succeed in exciting high demand careers. Many health-related careers require advanced education beyond a bachelor’s degree. While most graduate programs do not require students to have a specific undergraduate degree to apply, the CHS offers several high caliber pre-professional degree programs preparing students to be very competitive for graduate school applications. These quality undergraduate degree programs have been developed alongside the professional degree programs to provide a strong foundation to best prepare students for graduate school education. The pre-professional programs and program directors within CHS are:

Pre-Athletic TrainingChristy Greenleaf, Ph.D.  Professor, BS Kinesiology Program Director

Pre-AudiologyBarbara Pauloski, Ph.D., CCC-SLP  Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Pre-Dietetics: Lori Klos, Ph.D., RD  Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences Program Director

Pre-Occupational Therapy: Patricia Thomas, MPA, CTRS  Clinical Associate Professor, Occupational Studies Coordinator

Pre-Physical TherapyChristy Greenleaf, Ph.D.  Professor, BS Kinesiology Program Director

Pre-Speech-Language Pathology: Barbara Pauloski, Ph.D., CCC-SLP  Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Please click on the specific Pre-Professional Program above for more information about the profession, curriculum, academic advising and more. If you have an interest in a specific health care professional program within the CHS, we strongly encourage you to sign up for your pre-professional designation (Pre-AT, Pre-Audiology, Pre-Dietetics, Pre-OT, Pre-PT, Pre-SLP). Speak with your advisor on how to request this pre-professional designation. Attaching this designation to your transcript will allow us to contact you regarding specific pre-professional activities such as information sessions, early admission programs, paid/unpaid experiences, student organizations, and more. It will also allow you access to profession-specific advising to best prepare you for graduate school.

The pre-professional program specialized advisors within CHS are:

Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Audiology, and Pre-Speech-Language Pathology:

MacKenzie Kougl, MS

Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Dietetics, and Pre-Physical Therapy:

Torry Rufer, MS