(Offered cooperatively by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences and School of Information Studies.)

UWM offers a certificate in Health Care Informatics, as well as a Master of Science (MS) in Health Care Informatics and a PhD in Medical Informatics. The Certificate in Health Care Informatics provides undergraduate students with the educational foundation to pursue health informatics graduate studies. Students may work towards the certificate concurrently with any undergraduate major or as a post-baccalaureate certificate.

Healthcare organizations employ a vast and complex array of information systems. In order to utilize and maintain these systems, many more knowledgeable and skilled employees are needed.

The objectives of the program are to prepare students to understand, analyze, and evaluate information technology used to perform administrative and clinical tasks in a healthcare organization.

The program is of value to students in the health professions, information studies, and related areas of study who are seeking professional employment with hospitals, clinics, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as with vendors who have designed, developed, and installed healthcare information systems.

The purpose of the Certificate in Health Care Informatics is to provide an introduction and basic foundation for health professionals, information studies, and other students in the emerging practice of healthcare informatics.


Certificate goals:

  1. Introduction to information technology theory and application;
  2. Analysis and design of information systems in a healthcare environment;
  3. Design, creation, and management of healthcare database systems; and
  4. Legal aspects of information products and services.


To obtain the certificate, the student must complete, with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, 18 credits in approved certificate courses of which 12 must be earned in residence at UWM. 

HS 222Language of Medicine3
or BMS 205 Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine
HS 224Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals3
or INFOST 110 Introduction to Information Science and Technology
INFOST 315Knowledge Organization for Information Science and Technology3
or INFOST 370 Data Analysis and Visualization for the Information Professional
HCA 537Health Information Technology and Management3
HCA 541Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design3
or INFOST 340 Introduction to Systems Analysis
INFOST 465Legal Aspects of Information Products and Services 13
or HS 311 Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals
Total Credits18

HS 311 allowed only in Flexible Option. All other students enroll in INFOST 465.

Students can declare this certificate by contacting their advisor. Certificates are awarded upon completion of all requirements or at time of graduation for students seeking a bachelor’s degree.

A 2.5 GPA requirement is effective for students who declare this certificate summer 2021 or beyond.