Like all businesses, health care organizations require strong leadership to run smoothly. As an experienced health care administrator, your career could span the operation of a single department to executive leadership and management positions in which you’re responsible for millions of dollars of facilities and equipment as well as hundreds of employees.

Our undergraduate health care administration program will help you master the basic business principles and tools that you’ll need for effective decision-making when you enter this field: finance, information systems, strategic planning, human resource management and marketing. You’ll also develop strong management and leadership abilities — such as business skills, problem-solving, communication, relationship management, diplomacy, collaboration, teamwork, adaptability, change management and mentoring — that will be essential to your success.


University General Education Requirements12
Major Requirements66
Extra-Departmental Requirements42
Total Credits120

Course of Study

The Health Care Administration program offers a four-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Health Care Administration. The curriculum includes all necessary requirements for a minor in business administration. Students begin by taking freshman- and sophomore-level foundation courses in the biological and health sciences, health information administration, as well as the liberal arts. This coursework provides a solid basis for the advanced study of healthcare administration that follows. Successful completion of a faculty-supervised, semester-long internship (minimum of 120 hours) at an approved healthcare agency is required in the senior year.

Admission to the Major

The Health Care Administration program will consider applications to the major at the end of each semester, as long as the student's cumulative UWM GPA is 2.5 or above, the student has completed the admission prerequisite courses, and the student has met the grade requirements for required courses. Students are encouraged to apply to the major as soon as they meet these requirements and have achieved sophomore status.

Application forms for admission to the major in HCA can be accessed online or can be requested from the College of Health Sciences (CHS) Office of Student Affairs. Completed application forms and copies of transcripts of previous college work can be submitted to the CHS Office of Student Affairs. The following courses are prerequisites for admission to the major:

Select one of the following:0-3
College Writing and Research
Completion of the UWM English competency requirement
COMMUN 103Public Speaking3
ECON 103Principles of Microeconomics3
or ECON 104 Principles of Macroeconomics
Select one of the following:0-3
Introduction to College Algebra
Algebraic Literacy II
Achieve math placement level of 30
HS 102Healthcare Delivery in the United States3
HCA 220Leading Healthcare Professionals3

Students are required to earn a grade of C+ or higher in all HCA and HS courses, and a grade of C or higher in all other required courses. Students who twice earn a grade lower than these requirements in any required course will not be admitted, and if previously admitted, will be dismissed from the HCA major. Such students can submit an appeal to remain in the HCA major.

No student applying to the program with a cumulative UWM GPA lower than 2.5 will be admitted. A student whose cumulative UWM GPA falls below 2.5 will be placed on probationary status and will not be able to graduate with the degree in Health Care Administration until his or her cumulative UWM GPA is 2.5 or higher. Students remaining on probation for more than two consecutive semesters will be dismissed from the major.

Requirements for Internship

The faculty-supervised internship (minimum of 120 hours) is an integral component of the Health Care Administration major. Students, under the direction of a preceptor, are given opportunities for management-related experience in local, national, and international healthcare organizations. Students must be admitted to the major and complete the internship application form by October 1 to be considered for the spring semester and March 1 for the fall semester. Summer internships will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis, and the application deadline is March 1. Prior to internship, students must complete a background check and must meet physical and health screening requirements.

Graduation Requirements

The following requirements must be met to graduate:

  1. Completion of the required credits;
  2. A cumulative UWM GPA of 2.5;
  3. A grade of C+ or better in all Health Care Administration courses (HCA & HS) and a C or better in all other required courses; and
  4. Completion of all University General Education Requirements.

Degree Requirements

University General Education Requirements
Competency Requirements
Oral and Written Communication (OWC) Part A & B:
HCA 249Writing for Professional Development in Health Administration 13
Quantitative Literacy (QL) Part A & B:
KIN 270Statistics in the Health Professions: Theory and Practice 13
Foreign Language
Distribution Requirements 1
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Cultural Diversity
Major Requirements
HCA 203Human Life Cycle 13
HCA 220Leading Healthcare Professionals3
HCA 300Professional Development Seminar for Health Administration Students1
HCA 307Epidemiology for the Health Sciences3
HCA 333Health Organizations Professional Practice Standards2
HCA 340Healthcare Process Measurement3
HCA 361Post-Acute Care and Management3
HCA 400Healthcare Marketing3
HCA 421Operations Management in Healthcare Organizations3
HCA 422Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations3
HCA 450Healthcare Quality Management3
HCA 460Healthcare Reimbursement Systems and Policies3
HCA 502Healthcare Delivery Systems: National and International Perspectives3
HCA 521Advanced Systems Thinking and Strategy for Healthcare Leaders3
HCA 537Health Information Technology and Management3
HCA 541Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design3
HCA 580Health Care Administration Internship4
HS 101Introduction to Health and Disease2
HS 102Healthcare Delivery in the United States3
HS 105Survey of the Health Professions 13
HS 222Language of Medicine3
HS 224Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals3
HS 311Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals3
Extra-Departmental Requirements
BIO SCI 201Human Structure and Function 13
BUS ADM 201Introduction to Financial Accounting4
BMS 245Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 13
BUS ADM 330Organizations3
BUS ADM 350Principles of Finance3
BUS ADM 360Principles of Marketing3
BUS ADM 370Introduction to Supply Chain Management3
COMMUN 103Public Speaking 13
ECON 103Principles of Microeconomics 13
ECON 104Principles of Macroeconomics 13
ECON 450Health Economics3
PSYCH 101Introduction to Psychology 13
MATH 211Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
Total Credits120

Curriculum for the Health Care Administration Major

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Credits
HS 101 Introduction to Health and Disease 2
HS 222 Language of Medicine 3
HS 105 Survey of the Health Professions 3
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
Electives: recommend CHS 100 or Sport & Rec course 1
Electives: Recommend MATH 105 or Humanities GER 3
Semester 2
COMMUN 103 Public Speaking 3
BIO SCI 201 Human Structure and Function 3
HS 224 Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals 3
HS 102 Healthcare Delivery in the United States 3
Electives: Recommend ENGLISH 102 or Arts GER 3
Year 2
Semester 1
ECON 103
Principles of Microeconomics
or Principles of Macroeconomics
HCA 203 Human Life Cycle 3
HCA 220 Leading Healthcare Professionals 3
HCA 249 Writing for Professional Development in Health Administration 3
KIN 270 Statistics in the Health Professions: Theory and Practice 3
Semester 2
ECON 104 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
HCA 307 Epidemiology for the Health Sciences 3
BMS 245
Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
or Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
or Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
MATH 211 Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4
Year 3
Semester 1
BUS ADM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 4
BUS ADM 330 Organizations 3
HCA 300 Professional Development Seminar for Health Administration Students 1
HCA 361 Post-Acute Care and Management 3
HCA 450 Healthcare Quality Management 3
HCA 537 Health Information Technology and Management 3
Semester 2
BUS ADM 350 Principles of Finance 3
ECON 450 Health Economics 3
HS 311 Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals 3
HCA 333 Health Organizations Professional Practice Standards 2
HCA 340 Healthcare Process Measurement 3
HCA 541 Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design 3
Year 4
Semester 1
BUS ADM 370 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
HCA 400 Healthcare Marketing 3
HCA 421 Operations Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 422 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 521 Advanced Systems Thinking and Strategy for Healthcare Leaders 3
Semester 2
BUS ADM 360 Principles of Marketing 3
HCA 460 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems and Policies 3
HCA 502 Healthcare Delivery Systems: National and International Perspectives 3
HCA 580 Health Care Administration Internship 4
 Total Credits120

Honors in the Major

Honors in the major are granted to students who earn a GPA of 3.500 or above on a minimum of 30 completed credits at UWM following advancement to a Health Sciences major.

Honors in the College of Health Sciences

Dean's Honor List

GPA of 3.750 or above, earned on a full-time student's GPA on 12 or more graded credits in a given semester.

Honors College Degree and Honors College Degree with Distinction

Granted to graduating seniors who complete Honors College requirements, as listed in the Honors College section of this site.

Commencement Honors

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above, based on a minimum of 40 graded UWM credits earned prior to the final semester, will receive all-university commencement honors and be awarded the traditional gold cord at the December or May Honors Convocation. Please note that for honors calculation, the GPA is not rounded and is truncated at the third decimal (e.g., 3.499).

Final Honors

Earned on a minimum of 60 graded UWM credits: Cum Laude - 3.500 or above; Magna Cum Laude - 3.650 or above; Summa Cum Laude - 3.800 or above.