UW-Milwaukee has partnered with UW Extended Campus to offer a fully online Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. This program gives you the opportunity to earn the degree entirely online or take individual online courses to supplement on-campus coursework. The courses in this degree program provide you with a broad liberal arts foundation giving you the solid footing you need to achieve your educational goals.


A minimum of 60 credits is required in order to receive the AAS. At least 24 of the 60 credits must be earned in the UW Collaborative Online AAS Degree program. A student must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 earned cumulatively in the UW Collaborative Online AAS Degree program, and at least a 2.0 overall GPA in credits applied to the AAS. The AAS general education requirements must be fulfilled. The general education breadth categories are defined on the General Education page. 

General Education Breadth Requirements
Knowledge of Human Cultures (HC)12
Knowledge of the Natural World (NW)12
Individual, Social, and Environmental Responsibility (ER)6
Intercultural Knowledge and Competence (IK)3
Critical and Creative Thinking (CC)3
Effective Communication (EC)3
UWX EN102Critical Writing and Research (EC) 13
Total Credits60

UWX EN102 must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Depending on English placement, you may be required to take UWX EN101 as a prerequisite for UWX EN102. Similarly, depending on English placement, you may be required to take UWX EN098 prior to enrolling in UWX EN101.

Additional Degree Requirements

A student must fulfill the following degree requirements through general education breadth requirements and/or elective coursework:

  1. Depth sequence (two courses of three or more credits each)
  2. Three credits of Quantitative Literacy (QL) coursework
  3. A laboratory science course (LS)
  4. An ethnic studies course (ES)

Depth Requirement 

The UW System Associate Degree Standards require each student to complete “a two-course sequence in which the first course provides the foundation for the second.” This requirement is fulfilled by taking a disciplinary depth sequence identified by the program. One or both courses may be transferred in from another institution.

Sets of courses in a depth sequence must meet the following criteria:

  1. Both courses are at least three credits.
  2. Learning from the first course lays a foundation for learning in the second course. However, the foundation course does not need to be a prerequisite for the second course.
  3. The depth requirement does not include skills courses that lay a foundation for academic literacy (UWX MA091, UWX MA093, UWX EN098, and UWX EN101).

The following sequences satisfy the Depth Requirement: 

Introduction to Business
and Personal Finance
Introduction to Business
and Business Communication
Introduction to Literature
and Multicultural Literature in the United States
Critical Thinking
and Technology, Values, and Society
General Psychology
and Lifespan Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
and Crime and Criminal Justice
College Algebra
and Calculus I

Quantitative Literacy (AAS-QL)

A student must complete a minimum of three credits of QL coursework, i.e. UWX MA108, UWX MA116, or UWX MA117 with a C or better. Quantitative literacy courses may fulfill breadth and depth degree requirements.

Laboratory Science (LS)

A student must complete at least one laboratory science course. LS courses normally fulfill a general education breadth requirement. In laboratory science courses, you engage in empirical study of the natural world to enhance learning. To carry the LS degree designation, a science course must have at least one of the following active learning components as a regularly scheduled part of the course:

  1. Learning activities in a laboratory or field setting;
  2. Extensive use of scientific methods for student investigation, experimentation, and/or observation;
  3. Active student participation in analysis and interpretation of data, using scientific tools, methods, conceptual frameworks, theories, and/or models.

Ethnic Studies/Diversity (ES)

 A student must take one Ethnic Studies/Diversity course. Courses fulfilling this requirement have a substantial emphasis on cultural diversity issues and ethnic minorities within the United States.

Honors in the College of General Studies

Dean's Honor List

GPA of 3.750 or above, earned on a full-time student's GPA on 12 or more graded credits in a given semester.

Commencement Honors

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above, based on a minimum of 20 graded UWM credits earned prior to the final semester, will receive all-university commencement honors and be awarded the traditional gold cord. Please note that for honors calculation, the GPA is not rounded and is truncated at the third decimal (e.g., 3.499).

Final Honors

Earned on a minimum of 30 graded UWM credits: Cum Laude - 3.500 or above; Magna Cum Laude - 3.650 or above; Summa Cum Laude - 3.800 or above.