The World Languages Program is available for students as a major or a minor.  A World Language major is for students who plan to teach a world language to children from birth to age 21, in PK through 12th grade. The World Language minor will result in the additional certification at the same level as your initial license.

Students who satisfactorily complete the undergraduate program (as a major or minor) will be granted a license in one of the following languages: American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian, or Spanish.

Students seeking a World Language certification (major or minor) may also add the following licenses:

• Bilingual (only available for Spanish, World Language Licenses; a bilingual license will allow you to teach Spanish for Heritage Speakers only)

• English as a Second Language


General Education Requirements (GERs)

UW-Milwaukee has General Education Requirements that must be met in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. Some of the requirements of your program may fulfill the campus GERs. Please review the requirements and consult with your academic advisor.  

Program Admission Requirements

Program Core

COMMUN 103Public Speaking (GER-HU, fulfilled prior to program admission)3
CURRINS 300Introduction to Teaching: Colloquium and Fieldwork (fulfilled prior to program admission)3
Minority Group Relations (Act 31)3
A component of the Human Relations Requirement for Teacher Certification is met by completing one of the following courses or a one-day seminar.
American Indian Peoples of Wisconsin (GER-CD)
Introduction to American Indian Literature: (GER-CD)
Western Great Lakes American Indian Community Life of the Past (GER-CD)
North American Indian History Since 1887 (GER-CD)
Total Credits9

Language Content Area

Complete total credits in chosen language, plus any prerequisites. Initial language courses (levels 1-4) may be satisfied through language proficiency examinations. See academic advisor for details.

American Sign Language
EXCEDUC 301American Sign Language I3
EXCEDUC 302American Sign Language II3
EXCEDUC 303American Sign Language III3
EXCEDUC 304American Sign Language IV3
EXCEDUC 305American Sign Language V3
EXCEDUC 306American Sign Language VI3
EXCEDUC 327Classifiers Lab1
EXCEDUC 330Deaf History3
EXCEDUC 346Skill Development: Semantics3
EXCEDUC 352American Deaf Culture3
EXCEDUC 358ASL/English Linguistics I3
EXCEDUC 363ASL/English Linguistics II3
EXCEDUC 500Fingerspelling & Numbers3
EXCEDUC 510Classifiers3
EXCEDUC 520ASL Literature3
Total Credits46
CHINESE 101First Semester Chinese5
CHINESE 102Second Semester Chinese5
CHINESE 201Third Semester Chinese5
CHINESE 202Fourth Semester Chinese5
CHINESE 301Fifth Semester Chinese4
CHINESE 302Sixth Semester Chinese4
CHINESE 401Seventh Semester Chinese3
CHINESE 402Eighth Semester Chinese3
Select one of the following:3
Contemporary Chinese Societies through Film
Chinese Language and Culture
Business Chinese
Select four of the following:10-12
Chinese Art and Architecture
Chinese Painting
Topics in Chinese Art:
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
A Taste of China: Learning Chinese Culture and Society through Cuisine
Chinese Calligraphy
Advanced Independent Study
Literature and Society: (Chinese Literature Before the 20th Century topic)
Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (Modern Chinese Literature topic)
Transnational Asian Cinemas: (New Chinese Cinema topic)
First-Year Seminar: (Growth and Development of China, Japan and Korea topic)
World Cinema: (Hong Kong Cinema, Hong Kong and Chinese Cinema topics)
East Asian Civilization to 1600
Asian Americans in Historical Perspective
History of Ancient China, Earliest Times to 220 A.D.
Modern China
Revolution in China
Introduction to Asian Religions
Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy
Total Credits47-49
FRENCH 103First-Semester French4
FRENCH 104Second-Semester French4
FRENCH 203Third-Semester French3
FRENCH 204Fourth-Semester French3
FRENCH 303Conversation and Composition: Intermediate Level3
FRENCH 324Contemporary French Language and Culture3
FRENCH 325Intensive Grammar and Usage3
FRENCH 332Reading French Texts3
Select two of the following:6
Castles, Cathedrals, and Common People: The Foundations of French Culture
Royalty, Reason, and Revolution: The Golden Age of French Culture
Reaction and Innovation: French Culture of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Complete 12 credits of 350-level or higher French electives.12
Total Credits44
GERMAN 101First-Semester German4
GERMAN 102Second-Semester German4
GERMAN 203Third-Semester German3
GERMAN 204German in Your Field and Beyond3
GERMAN 331German Grammar in Practice3
GERMAN 332Presentation and Composition3
GERMAN 333Texts and Contexts3
GERMAN 334Introduction to German Studies3
GERMAN 371German Phonetics3
Complete 9 credits of 300-level or higher German electives.9
Select two of the following:6
German for Professional Purposes
Seminar on the History and Structure of German
Advanced German Grammar and Usage
Reading Older German Handwriting
Seminar on German Studies:
Seminar on Themes and Motifs in German Literature:
Total Credits44
Consult with a faculty or academic advisor regarding courses.30
Total Credits30
ITALIAN 103First-Semester Italian4
ITALIAN 104Second-Semester Italian4
ITALIAN 203Third-Semester Italian3
ITALIAN 204Fourth-Semester Italian3
ITALIAN 311Advanced Conversation and Composition: Contemporary Italian Usage3
ITALIAN 321Introduction to Italian Literature3
ITALIAN 322Introduction to Italian Literature and Film3
ITALIAN 457Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation:3
Complete 6 credits of 300-level or higher Italian electives.18
Complete 6 credits of 300-level or higher Italian Literature electives.6
Total Credits50
LATIN 103First Semester Latin4
LATIN 104Second Semester Latin4
LATIN 205Third Semester Latin4
CLASSIC 202Introduction to Roman Life and Literature3
Complete 12 credits of 300-level or higher Latin electives.12
Complete 6 credits of Greek, Classic, or additional Latin electives.6
Total Credits33
Consult with a faculty or academic advisor regarding courses.30
Total Credits30
SPANISH 103First-Semester Spanish4
SPANISH 104Second-Semester Spanish4
SPANISH 203Third-Semester Spanish3
SPANISH 204Fourth-Semester Spanish3
SPANISH 308Advanced Writing and Reading3
SPANISH 318Advanced Speaking and Listening3
or SPANISH 319 Advanced Speaking and Listening for Heritage Speakers
SPANISH 341Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
SPANISH 350Introduction to Literary Analysis3
Select four of the following:12
Survey of Hispanic Literature and Civilization
Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Civilization
Survey of Spanish Literature and Civilization
Seminar in Spanish Literature:
Seminar in Spanish-American Literature:
Seminar in Hispanic Literature:
Seminar on Cervantes:
Seminar in Modern Spanish Literature and Civilization:
Complete 9 credits of 300-level or higher Spanish electives.9
Total Credits47

Professional Education Requirements1

Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Learning and Development
Cognition: Learning, Problem Solving and Thinking
Human Development: Theory and Research
Select one of the following:3
The Exceptional Individual
Inclusion for Secondary Educators: Humanities, the Arts, Foreign Language
Survey of Exceptional Education
CURRINS 542History and Politics of Second Language Education3
CURRINS 543Developing Biliteracy3
CURRINS 545Reading in the Content Areas: Middle, Junior, and Senior High School3
CURRINS 546Language, Content, and Comprehensible Input3
CURRINS 639Critical Issues and Methods in World Language Education3
CURRINS 655Applied Educational Linguistics3
World Language Methods and Materials
and Student Teaching in World Language: Early Childhood-Adolescence 2
CURRINS 438Student Teaching in World Language: Early Childhood-Adolescence7
CURRINS 445Seminar in Language Education3
Total Credits40

A grade of C or better is required for all professional education requirements, including student teaching. Prerequisites may be required.


Courses must be taken concurrently with student teaching. Students must complete paperwork in order to be assigned a student teaching placement. To be approved for placement, additional criteria must be met. See Benchmarks for details.

Additional Requirements for Graduation

  • Program Portfolio - based on the 10 Wisconsin Teacher Standards.
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 including any transfer coursework that is counted towards certification at UWM, as well as grades earned in student teaching or field experiences.
  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum 120 credits.
  • Completion of the last year of coursework (30 credits) in residence at UW-Milwaukee.
  • Successful completion of a pedagogical knowledge assessment is required for certification.  

English as a Second Language Minor - option

World Language majors wishing to complete an English as a Second Language minor would also need these additional requirements:

Student Teaching in English as a Second Language: Minor
and Principles and Methods of Teaching ESL 4
Total Credits6

Advance to Major

Program Admission Requirements

Application to the World Languages program requires satisfactory completion of the requirements listed below. For more information about the application process, visit our website at

  • GER: OWC-A Completion of Oral-Written Communication part A competency.
  • GER: QL-A: Completion of Quantitative Literacy part A competency. Note: MATH 103 or MATH 105 are recommended as they also meet core curriculum requirements.
  • Completion of CURRINS 300  with a grade of C or better.
  • Completion of COMMUN 103  with a grade of C or better.
  • A 2.75 minimum GPA in all World Language content courses completed prior to program admission.
  • A 2.5 minimum GPA in all UWM and transfer courses at time of admission application.
  • A minimum of 48 credits (UWM and transfer credits) at the time of admission application. It is not required to have all content area courses completed at the time of application.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires that all applicants to a professional education preparation program pass a Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to admission. 


Student Teaching

Prior to requesting/being assigned a student teaching placement, students must:

  • Take the Department of Public Instruction Mandated Content Exam (language proficiency) - ASL students require a 3 on the ASLPI. Other languages require a minimum score of Intermediate-High on both the ACTFL OPI and the WPT.
  • Complete an Immersion Experience - Required for all prospective language teachers, this requirement must be met by spending a semester or a year in a country where the chosen major language is spoken. Submit documentation of experience to your academic advisor prior to student teaching placement.
  • Complete and submit an application. Deadlines for submission are posted by the Office of Clinical Experiences.

To be approved, students must ALSO meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted to the School of Education
  • Complete all required coursework. An exception to allow a student to take a course concurrently with student teaching requires approval by the student's faculty advisor.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on all undergraduate coursework, including transfer courses.
  • Minimum score of Intermediate-High on the ACTFL OPI and WPT tests or a minimum score of 3 on the ASLPI for ASL students; a or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in languages content courses.
  • Removal of all F and/or I (incomplete) grades in courses that count toward graduation or certification.
  • TB test results submitted to the Office of Clinical Experiences (may take up to 6 weeks).
  • Criminal Background Check submitted to the Office of Clinical Experience

Undergraduate Advising

Our purpose is to provide collaborative, mentoring relationships which promote educational, career, and professional development. We value a student-centered, holistic, and ethical approach to advising based on strong partnerships with students, faculty and staff, and the larger campus community. We are committed to creating a respectful and supportive environment. We encourage students to be self-reliant through informed decisions and choices based upon dissemination of accurate information. We value our own continuous professional development to enhance the quality of the advising experience.

How to Prepare for an Advising Meeting

  • Review your Advisement Report in PAWS.
  • Come prepared with questions or topics for discussion.
  • Make a list of courses you think you should take.
  • Investigate opportunities to prepare for the job you want.
  • Keep a record of your academic progress.
  • Understand you are ultimately responsible for creating your educational, life, and career plans.
  • Maintain honest and open communication with your advisor.
  • Take responsibility for choices you make as a student and member of the UW-Milwaukee community.

Scheduling an Appointment

Office of Student Services
Enderis Hall, Room 209
(414) 229-4721

Graduate Advising

If you are a School of Education graduate student, you may schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor by contacting your faculty advisor directly. Faculty contact information can be found in the People Directory. Your faculty advisor will be listed in your PAWS account. 

Honors in the Department of Teaching and Learning

Departmental Honors are granted to students who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above, based on a minimum of 40 graded UWM credits earned prior to the final semester.

Honors in the School of Education

Dean's Honor List

GPA of 3.750 or above, earned on a full-time student's GPA on 12 or more graded credits in a given semester.

Honors College Degree and Honors College Degree with Distinction

Granted to graduating seniors who complete Honors College requirements, as listed in the Honors College section of this site.

Commencement Honors

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above, based on a minimum of 40 graded UWM credits earned prior to the final semester, will receive all-university commencement honors and be awarded the traditional gold cord at the December or May Honors Convocation. Please note that for honors calculation, the GPA is not rounded and is truncated at the third decimal (e.g., 3.499).

Final Honors

Earned on a minimum of 60 graded UWM credits: Cum Laude - 3.500 or above; Magna Cum Laude - 3.650 or above; Summa Cum Laude - 3.800 or above.