Use your skills as an artist to find sustainable solutions to our biggest social challenges - in education, the environment, or community health – among others. Understand the latest in business-based, non-profit structures; the latest in audience and community engagement; and the latest in community teaching methods. Become part of a generation of artists who are leaders in their communities as they strive to make meaningful social change.

Artists in all fields can be catalysts for community change and invaluable team members for community-based organizations or partnerships of organizations in collective action. This certificate prepares students with arts training in all disciplines (film, creative writing, visual art, theatre, music and dance) for careers in community and civic leadership at non-profits or governmental agencies.

Students will learn:

  • the importance of communication and empathy across differences in culture, age, and ability;
  • visual, oral and written storytelling to inspire social change;
  • asset-based community development;
  • partnership building;
  • theories of change and leadership;
  • sustainable, non-profit business models; and
  • the unique role of artists in community development.


Foundation Courses9
Multicultural America
Multicultural America
Multicultural America:
Introduction to Community Change and Engagement
Community Participation and Power
Arts and Social Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Art Education
Introduction to Community Art
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Formation
Principles of Marketing
Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Business Modeling of New Ventures
Creating Dance in the Community
Community Partnerships
Introduction to Creative Writing
Writing Fiction: Structure and Technique
Writing Poetry: Forms, Styles, Voices
Introductory Topics in Creative Writing:
Theory/Practice Seminar for Non-Majors
Theory/Practice Seminar: (Radical Film)
Production Topics: (Documentary Project)
Intermediate Media Arts Module: (Documentary Project)
Advanced Portfolio Topics: (Ethnographic Film)
Introduction to World Musics
Introduction to Public Health
Climate Change, the Environment and Human Health
Performance and Popular Culture
Theatre and Social Change
Theatre Practices:
How to be a Teaching Artist
Issues in Contemporary Urban Planning
Urban Planning Solutions to Contemporary Urban Problems
Great Cities of the World: Their Growth and Guided Urbanization
Planning for the Great Cities of America
Social Justice, Urban Planning and the New Multicultural America
Total Credits18


Location: Theatre 120
Reception Hours: 9AM-4PM Monday through Friday
(closed on university holidays)
Contact: (414) 229-4763

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