The Department of Architecture remains steadfastly committed to a tectonic conception of architectural practice. Students learn how to put a building together and how to derive formal poetics from constructive assembly. This strong commitment to conventional tectonics is complemented and challenged by many avenues of experimentation and research that confront professional norms. Elective courses propose alternative practices and theories for architecture by speculating on thermodynamic form, cultural geography, performative envelopes, digital prototyping, and new ecological and programmatic compositions for water management. Sponsored studios leverage expertise from the professional community in unique partnerships that benefit students and also have an impact on the community and region–in many cases through constructed works.

Maximum curriculum choice is considered a hallmark of the architecture curriculum at UWM. After completing the core educational requirements, students are able to construct an educational path from a wide array of elective seminars, independent study, research opportunities, and studios that best suit their personal values and aspirations. Our goal is for students to be committed to architecture as a form of disciplinary inquiry that is compositionally ambitious, technically provocative, and to continually reinvent professional ethics and beauty.

Students in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) are passionate about architecture, and have the benefit of attending an affordable, small, and strong school in a culturally vibrant city.  Accomplished and dedicated faculty, staff, and alumni work tirelessly to provide personalized attention and guidance to the students they are mentoring.


The Department reserves the right to cap admissions into the minor on the basis of course availability. Students in the major have first priority registration for all courses in the Department. In cases of full capacity, students enrolled in the minor will be ranked and admitted into the program or into a course on the basis of overall GPA.

For more information about requirements for the minor, contact Tammy Taylor, Undergraduate Advisor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, AUP 225,, (414) 229-4015.

Accident and Health Insurance

Use of the School's woodworking shop requires that students provide evidence of personal accident and health insurance to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning Dean's Office.

Department of Architecture Laptop Requirement

Beginning in Fall 2019, each incoming freshman in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSAS) program and each incoming student in the Master of Architecture (MArch) program will be required to purchase a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the Department of Architecture’s hardware and software specifications as published on the year the student enters the program. Beginning in Fall 2020, each incoming transfer student will be required to purchase a laptop computer. Students graduating from the BSAS program will be required to update or renew their laptop to conform to the School’s specifications upon entry into the M.Arch program.
Laptop specifications can be found here.

Architecture Courses

NameRankDegreeSchoolGraduate FacultyEmeritus Faculty
Sherry Ahrentzen Professor PhD No Yes
Jasmine Benyamin Associate Professor PhD Princeton University Yes No
Nikole Bouchard Assistant Professor MArch Princeton University Yes No
Uriel Cohen Professor PhD No Yes
Chris T. Cornelius Associate Professor MArch University of Virginia Yes No
Kevin Forseth Associate Professor MArch No Yes
Robert Greenstreet Professor PhD Oxford Brookes University Yes No
Donald L. Hanlon Professor MArch No Yes
Nancy Hubbard Associate Professor PhD No Yes
Thomas C. Hubka Professor MArch No Yes
Raymond Isaacs Associate Professor PhD No Yes
Frederick Jules Professor MArch No Yes
Mark Keane Professor MArch University of Illinois Yes No
Linda R. Krause Associate Professor PhD No Yes
Whitney Moon Assistant Professor PhD University of California - Los Angeles Yes No
Jeffrey Ollswang Professor MSc No Yes
Harvey Rabinowitz Professor MArch No Yes
Amos Rapoport Distinguished Professor MArch No Yes
Kyle Reynolds Associate Professor MArch Princeton University Yes No
Douglas Ryhn Professor MS No Yes
Brian Schermer Associate Professor PhD University of Michigan Yes No
Anthony Schnarsky Associate Professor MArch No Yes
Arijit Sen Associate Professor PhD University of California, Berkeley Yes No
James W. Shields Associate Professor MArch University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Yes No
Gil Snyder Associate Professor MArch No Yes
Josef Stagg Associate Professor DArch No Yes
Kyle Talbott Associate Professor MArch Texas A&M University Yes No
Filip Tejchman Associate Professor MSAAD Columbia University Yes No
Alexander Timmer Assistant Professor MArch Harvard University Yes No
D. Michael Utzinger Associate Professor MSE No Yes
Karl Wallick Associate Professor, Associate Dean MArch University of Pennsylvania Yes No
James H. Wasley Professor MArch Rice University Yes No
Trudy Watt Assistant Professor MArch Princeton University Yes No
Gerald Weisman Professor PhD No Yes
Larry Witzling Professor PhD No Yes
Maureen Zell Associate Professor, Chair MArch Yale University Yes No